ESOCC 2012

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ESOCC 2012
European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing 2012
Event in series ESOCC
Dates 2012/09/19 (iCal) - 2012/09/21
Location: Bertinoro, Italy
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Important dates
Workshops: 2012/03/16
Abstracts: 2012/04/09
Papers: 2012/04/13
Submissions: 2012/04/09
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The European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC) is the premier conference on the advances in the state of the art and practice of Service-Oriented Computing and Cloud Computing. During the past edition of ECOWS (European Conference on Web Services) conference, the Steering Committee decided to renew and broaden its scope, and to start a new conference series on the topics of service-oriented and cloud computing. The first edition of the new series, ESSOC’12, will be held in Bertinoro from 19th to 21st of September, 2012. The main objectives of this conference are to facilitate the exchange between researchers and practitioners and to foster future collaborations in Europe and beyond. The ESOCC 2012 conference will include invited speakers, presentations of contributed research papers and an industrial track with the participation of top researchers from industry. ESOCC 2012 will also include a PhD symposium and satellite workshops.


The success encountered by the Web has shown that tightly coupled software systems are only good for niche markets, whereas loosely coupled software systems can be more flexible, more adaptive and often more appropriate in practice. Loose coupling makes it easier for a given system to interact with other systems, possibly legacy systems that share very little with it. When applications are developed with service-oriented architectures, they can evolve more easily during their lifespan and adapt better to changing or even unpredictable environments. On the other hand, cloud computing enables a new application execution paradigm where resources can be optimally utilised and exchanged between heterogeneous execution platforms and the cloud, so as to achieve fast response times and ensure immersive and non-interrupted user experience. Services today are developed and deployed in a black-box manner, which is of particular importance from a business perspective since services are implemented in a variety of technologies. Similarly, cloud computing tries to enable the mobility and the device and platform independence by promoting interoperability, portability and security standards. Essential is agreement on integration technology and consensus has emerged in today's middleware market: Customers want to use Web technologies. However, service integrators, developers, and providers need to create methods, tools and techniques to support cost-effective development and use of dependable services and service-oriented applications in the cloud.



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