EManufacturing 2008

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EManufacturing 2008
e-Manufacturing & DFM Symposium
Dates Nov 27, 2008 (iCal) - Nov 28, 2008
Homepage: www.tsia.org.tw/Seminar/eManufacturing/2008/CallPaper
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
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Important dates
Submissions: Jul 1, 2008
Notification: Aug 22, 2008
Table of Contents

The Semiconductor Industry has undergone drastic transformation in recent years. This has been driven by the sudden expansion of manufacturing capacities worldwide in 300mm wafers, and also by the rapid evolution of manufacturing capabilities. These transformations span full-scale functional integrations from shop-floors up to top-level corporate operations. This transformation is in constant acceleration and accompanies the stringent technological requirements of ever-shrinking device dimensions required to meet the unquenchable thirst of human demands on all digital inventions, large or small. The very large investment in each 300-mm wafer fabrication factory creates a huge financial burden. At the same time, factories must cut operating costs and reduce cycle-time while remaining flexible in order to respond immediately to market changes.
  	With all the prevailing notions of supply/engineering/value chains and many others, e-Manufacturing has been identified to unify the synchronized integration as a critical link. The Symposium will review recent technological advancements to assure alignment with the needs of integrated circuit manufacturers, semiconductor equipment suppliers, software suppliers, sensors and metrology suppliers. Major issues and experiences on AEC/APC/e-Manufacturing/DFM will be discussed in this two-day event, which also includes a technical tutorial and supplier exhibition. This offers a public arena for the exchange of up-to-date experiences among Asian manufacturers for adoption of recent technological developments.
This Call for Papers is directed towards all industries but the semiconductor community is highly encouraged. Topics of interests include, but not limited to, the following:
# Applications in high-volume manufacturing
# Automated Material Handling System
# Benefits and justification (ROI, CoO, OEE ...)
# Control Architecture/Engineering/IT Infrastructure
# Data Collection/Quality/Storage/Management
# Design for Manufacturing/Testing/Yield
# e-Diagnostics, e-Manufacturing, and EEC
# Engineering/Supply/Value Chains
# Equipment Communication/Integration
# Factory Integration/Operations
# Factory-Wide Applications and Deployment
# Fault Detection & Classification
# Future APC/FDC Needs and Requirements
# Integrated /Virtual Metrology
# Manufacturing Execution Systems
# Real -Time & Defect/Yield Databases
# Piggyback and SCADA controllers
# Predictive/Preventive Maintenance
# Process modeling and model-based control
# Real -time data collection and management
# Real -Time Decision-Making
# Run-to-Run/Wafer-to-Wafer/Real-Time Control
# Scheduling & Dispatching
# Sensor development and implementation
# Sensor integration into existing process tools
# Sensor/actuator bus and intelligent sensors
# Specification Management
# Standards (Communication, Sensor Bus ...)
# Tool Productivity Data Collection/Analysis
# WIP Management
  	Electronic submission of extended abstracts in MSWord or PDF format must be made
by Jul 1, 2008 directly to symposia@tsia.org.tw. You should select the topic(s) your contribution best fits in from the list above.
Each abstract (up to a maximum of 2-pages of A4-paper size, including texts and graphical illustrations) should clearly describe the purpose, the chosen approach, and the achieved results.
Presentations may be conducted in oral or interactive-poster formats. You may indicate your preference of oral or poster presentation, and the program committee will decide the final selection of oral presentations. Presenters will be notified by Aug 22, 2008 and final presentations must be submitted in MS PowerPoint by Oct 20, 2008 in electronic format. Official language of the symposium is English.
All submissions must include
 - Title of Paper
 - Author's name(s), address and
 - Contact telephone/fax numbers
 - E-mail address
 - Presenter's name
 - Five keywords
Important Dates
 First announcement 	January 31, 2008 
 Second announcement 	April 1, 2008 
 Third announcement 	June 1, 2008 
 Deadline of submission 	July 1, 2008 
 Notification of acceptance 	August 22, 2008 
 Final paper due 	October 20, 2008 
 Deadline for early-registration 	October 20, 2008 
 On site registration 	November 27, 2008 

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