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8th IEEE EMBS International Summer School on Biomedical Imaging
Dates 2008/06/20 (iCal) - 2008/06/28
Homepage: ieeess.enst-bretagne.fr
Location: Berder, France
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Important dates
Submissions: 2008/01/31
Table of Contents

The spirit of this Summer School is inspired by the most prestigious school ever founded in France, Saint Flour, the influence of which has spread to generations of researchers in Mathematics. Since its establishment in Brittany in 1994, this school has become a worldwide reference. It is resolutely international (participants from more than twenty countries have participated to the previous editions) and accessible to young scientists. It is an open yet privileged place for exchanges and discussions of major on-going work. Informal and warm, at a location where the sea and the land combine in a time varying relation, this school brings together, every two years for ten days, the world great teachers and researchers in Biomedical Imaging.

Lectures, seminars, and discussions are organized at the highest level, but with the freedom of spirit that is the tradition of Brittany. The school objective is to contribute without any exclusion to advances in a rapidly evolving field, and to foster participation in the adventure of research. It provides up-to-date, state-of-art knowledge on emerging areas and addresses important issues dealing with complex, multivariate systems, going from basic to applied research.

Audience: The Summer School is open to graduate students (M.S., PhD), post doctoral scientists, radiologists, biologists, researchers and engineers in industry

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Facts about "EMBS SSBI 2008"
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Start dateJune 20, 2008 +
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Title8th IEEE EMBS International Summer School on Biomedical Imaging +