EICS 2009

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EICS 2009
Engineering Interactive Computing Systems
Dates Jul 15, 2009 (iCal) - Jul 17, 2009
Homepage: www.eics2009.org
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: Feb 25, 2009
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At a glance

The 2009 Conference on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems will be held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA, from 14 through 17 July 2009. A Doctoral Consortium will be held on 14 July and the main technical program will be on 15�??17 July. Submissions are solicited on a wide range of topics and themes relating to the engineering of usable interactive computer systems.

The deadline for most forms of submission is 25 February 2009; the deadline for late-breaking results is 17 April.


EICS offers a venue for presenting and discussing research on the engineering of usable interactive computer systems, ranging from traditional interactive systems to those involving new and emerging technologies, applications and development methods. EICS will be inclusive, bringing together researchers and practitioners from all those communities that investigate how to engineer interactive systems or that actually build such systems, including HCI, Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, CSCW, and Ubiquitous and Pervasive Systems.

EICS is the continuation of the successful EHCI series of conferences sponsored by IFIP Working Group 2.7/13.4 on User Interface Engineering. The conference also incorporates DSV-IS 2009, the 16th International Workshop on the Design, Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems.

Topics and themes

Submissions to the conference are invited that address some aspect of the engineering of human-computer interactive systems. Possible topics include:

    * models of interaction
    * models of interactive systems
    * languages for specifying interactive systems
    * methods or techniques for evaluating user interfaces
    * methods or techniques for testing user interfaces
    * requirements engineering for interactive systems
    * user interface development tools (including design, implementation, testing)
    * user interface prototyping tools or techniques
    * integrating interaction design into the software development process
    * software architectures for interactive systems
    * development process models for interactive systems engineering
    * end-user programming of interactive systems

Submissions are particularly welcome that address one of the following themes:

    * the relationship of agile development methods and techniques to the engineering of interactive systems.
    * the challenges of new and emerging interaction techniques and technologies such as gestural input and mobile or context-sensitive interaction.
    * modern applications such as social networking, peer-to-peer mobile gaming, web 2.0, etc.
    * distributed and international development teams.
    * better ways of designing or developing conventional interactive systems.

Types of submission

Submissions are solicited in any of the following categories:

Research paper
    Research papers must present a substantial and rigorously executed piece of research including validation of results.
Practice and experience report
    Practice and experience reports are designed to provide an opportunity for those who develop interactive systems to describe good (and bad) practices and to contribute practical evaluations of methods, techniques and tools.
Late-breaking results
    A short report on work in progress. The conference programme committee will decide if accepted submissions are to be presented as an short talk or as a poster.
    A demonstration of a design or development tool or technique.
Doctoral Consortium
    The Doctoral Consortium is a forum for Ph.D. students to publicly discuss their research goals, methods, and results at an early stage in their research.


Submission deadlines are:

    * research papers, practice and experience reports, demonstrations and doctoral consortium submissions: 25 February 2009
    * late-breaking results: 17 April 2009

How to submit

Details of the submission process including formatting instructions will be announced by 1 November 2008.

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