ECSCW 2017

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ECSCW 2017
15th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Event in series ECSCW
Dates 2017/08/28 (iCal) - 2017/09/01
Twitter account: @ECSCW
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
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Workshop chairs: Alexander Boden, Claus Bossen
Panel Chair: Pernille Bjørn, Wayne Lutters
Demo chairs: Alan Chamberlain, Eleanor Lockley
PC members: Airi Lampinen, Alan Chamberlain, Alessandra Agostini, Alexander Boden, Andy Crabtree, Antonella De Angeli
Keynote speaker: Gloria Origgi, David A. Shamma
Table of Contents


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  • Conceptualising practice in work and other activities, and the relationship between understanding practice and the design of computer artifacts: how can we understand work (the “W”)?
  • Cooperation and its characteristics (e.g., describing the particulars of articulation work and coordination mechanisms in a given setting): how can we understand cooperative work (the “CW”)?
  • Methods for investigating human practices: the nature of ethnography and the role of other innovative methods in CSCW.
  • Digital and other material artefacts in cooperative settings: how can we support cooperative work in increasingly complex, networked settings (the “CS”)?