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EACL 2014
14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Event in series EACL
Dates 2014/04/26 (iCal) - 2014/04/30
Homepage: www.eacl2014.org
Twitter account: @EACL2014
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
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Important dates
Workshops: 2013/12/13
Tutorials: 2013/11/01
Abstracts: 2013/10/18
Papers: 2014/01/06
Demos: 2014/01/10
Submissions: 2013/10/18
Notification: 2013/12/20
Camera ready due: 2014/02/14
Papers: Submitted 317 / Accepted 78 (24.6 %)
Table of Contents
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Welcome to EACL 2014
Welcome to Gothenburg, Sweden, 26–30 April 2014 for the 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics.

The local arrangements are managed by the Centre for Language Technology (CLT). CLT coordinates the priority research area of language technology within four participating departments.

Applied Information Technology,
Computer Science and Engineering,
Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, and
(The first two are shared between the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.) The Faculty of Arts is the host faculty, with the Department of Swedish as the coordinating department, and the director of CLT is Lars Borin, professor of natural language processing.

Call for Papers (closed)
Note: this call is closed. Please see the list of accepted papers instead.

The 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics invites the submission of long and short papers on substantial, original, and unpublished research in all aspects of automated natural language processing, including but not limited to the following areas:

computational and cognitive models of language acquisition and language processing
information retrieval and question answering
generation and summarization
language resources and evaluation
machine learning methods and algorithms for natural language processing
machine translation and multilingual systems
phonetics, phonology, morphology, word segmentation, tagging, and chunking
pragmatics, discourse, and dialogue
semantics, textual entailment
social media, sentiment analysis and opinion mining
spoken language processing and language modeling
syntax, parsing, grammar formalisms, and grammar induction
text mining, information extraction, and natural language processing applications
Papers accepted to TACL by 30 November 2013 will also be eligible for presentation at EACL 2014; please see the TACL website (http://www.transacl.org) for details.

We are delighted to announce the invited speakers for EACL 2014:

Michael Collins (Vikram S. Pandit Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University)
Simon King (Professor of Speech Processing and Director of the Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh)
Ulrike von Luxburg (Professor for Computer Science, University of Hamburg)
Long papers:

Long paper submissions due: 18 October 2013
Long paper reviews due: 19 November 2013
Long paper author responses due: 29 November 2013
Long paper notification to authors: 20 December 2013
Long paper camera-ready due: 14 February 2014
Short papers:

Short paper submissions due: 6 January 2014
Short paper notification to authors: 24 February 2014
Short paper camera-ready due: 3 March 2014
EACL conference: 26–30 April 2014

Long paper submissions must describe substantial, original, completed and unpublished work. Wherever appropriate, concrete evaluation and analysis should be included. Submissions will be judged on appropriateness, clarity, originality/innovativeness, correctness/soundness, meaningful comparison, thoroughness, significance, contributions to research resources, and replicability. Each submission will be reviewed by at least three program committee members. Long papers must follow the two-column format of EACL 2014 (see below) and may consist of up to eight (8) pages of content, plus two extra pages for references; final versions should take into account reviewers' comments. Papers will be presented orally or as posters as determined by the program committee. Decisions on presentation format will be based on the nature rather than the quality of the work. There will be no distinction in the proceedings between long papers presented orally and as posters.

The long paper submission deadline is:

Friday, 18 October 2013, 23:59 CET
For electronic submission of long papers, please use:

Short paper submissions must describe original and unpublished work. Characteristics of short papers include a small, focused contribution; work in progress; a negative result; an opinion piece; an interesting application nugget. Short papers must follow the two-column format of EACL 2014 (see below). They will be presented in one or more oral or poster sessions and will be given four (4) pages plus 2 pages for references in the proceedings. While short papers will be distinguished from long papers in the proceedings, there will be no distinction in the proceedings between short papers presented orally and as posters. Each short paper submission will be reviewed by at least two program committee members.

The deadline for submission of short papers is:

Monday, 6 January 2014, 23:59 CET
For electronic submission of short papers, please use:

We strongly recommend the use of EACL LaTeX style files or Microsoft Word style files tailored for this year's conference. Submissions must conform to the official style guidelines, which are contained in the style files, and they must be in PDF. As the reviewing will be blind, papers must not include authors' names and affiliations. Furthermore, self-references that reveal the author's identity, e.g., "We previously showed (Smith, 1991) ..." must be avoided. Instead, use citations such as "Smith previously showed (Smith, 1991) ..." Papers that do not conform to these requirements will be rejected without review. In addition, please do not post your submissions on the web until after the review process is complete, and please ensure that no author information is encoded in the ‘properties’ of your PDF file.

Style files:

EACL 2014 will not accept for publication or presentation work that will be (or has been) published at other meetings or in other publications. However, papers that have been or will be submitted elsewhere may be submitted to EACL 2014 provided that this fact is stated at the time of submission. If the paper is accepted by both EACL 2014 and another meeting or publication, it must be withdrawn from one of them; furthermore, its authors must notify the program chairs, within two days of receiving the EACL acceptance notification, indicating which meeting or publication they choose for presentation of their work.
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