DeSemWeb 2017

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DeSemWeb 2017
Workshop on Decentralizing the Semantic Web
Event in series DeSemWeb
Dates 21/10/2017 (iCal) - 22/10/2017
Location: Vienna, Austria
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Dear all,

This is your friendly reminder that we have opened submissions for the DeSemWeb workshop at ISWC2017!

On 21 or 22 October 2017, we'll have an event exclusively about the "Web" and "client" aspects of the Semantic Web. We'll kick off with a short talk by Tim Berners-Lee, followed by your research, demo, and discussion contributions.

We welcome the following contributions by 21 July 2017:

RESEARCH ARTICLES DeSemWeb research articles provide creative solutions to problems in the domain of intelligent clients, decentralized applications, and/or enabling technologies, covering the workshop’s topics.

INTELLIGENT CLIENT CHALLENGE We challenge authors to build an interactive demonstration of an intelligent Web client that runs mostly or exclusively in a mobile or desktop browser.

VISION STATEMENTS Share your vision for the future of the Semantic Web, with a focus on clients and/or decentralization, addressing current issues, relevant questions, future directions, …

Full call: Topic list: Program committee:

Looking forward to your contributions and discussions,

Andrei Sambra - Ruben Verborgh - Tobias Kuhn

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