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International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems
Categories: Multimedia
Avg. acceptance rate: 44.9
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International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS) has an average acceptance rate of 44.9% .


The following events of the series DMS are currently known in this wiki:

 OrdinalFromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
DMS 2020Jun 15Jun 19VallettaMalta
DMS 2018Jun 29Jun 30Redwood CityUSAWeibin Liu
Chaman Sabharwal
Jennifer Leopold
F. Colace
Kang Zhang
Gem Stapleton
DMS 2017Jul 7Jul 8PittsburghUSAGiuseppe Polese
Vincenzo Deufemia
DMS 2016Oct 28Oct 30SalernoItalyShi-Kuo Chang
DMS 2015Aug 31Sep 2VancouverCanadaShi-Kuo Chang
DMS 2014Aug 27Aug 29PittsburghUSAShi-Kuo Chang39.0
DMS 2013Aug 8Oct 10BrightonUKShi-Kuo Chang43.0
DMS 2012Aug 9Aug 11Miami BeachUSAShi-Kuo Chang42.0
DMS 2011Aug 18Aug 20FlorenceItalyShi-Kuo Chang40.8
DMS 2010Oct 14Oct 16ChicagoUSAShi-Kuo Chang36.5
DMS 2009Sep 10Sep 12Redwood CityUSAShi-Kuo Chang40.8
DMS 2008Sep 4Sep 6BostonUSAShi-Kuo Chang58.0
DMS 2007Sep 6Sep 8Redwood CityUSAShi-Kuo Chang49.0
DMS 200612Aug 30Sep 1Grand Canyon VillageUSAShi-Kuo Chang50.0
DMS 2005Sep 5Sep 7BanffCanadaShi-Kuo Chang45.0
DMS 2004Sep 8Sep 10San Francisco BayUSAShi-Kuo Chang46.0
DMS 2003Sep 24Sep 26MiamiUSAShi-Kuo Chang50.0
DMS 2002Sep 26Sep 28San Francisco BayUSAShi-Kuo Chang
DMS 2001Sep 26Sep 28TaipeiTaiwanShi-Kuo Chang
DMS 1999Jul 26Jul 30Aizu-WakamatsuJapanShi-Kuo Chang
DMS 1998Jul 23Jul 25TaipeiTaiwanShi-Kuo Chang
DMS 1997Jul 23Jul 23VancouverCanadaShi-Kuo Chang
DMS 1996Jun 25Jun 28HongKongChinaShi-Kuo Chang
DMS 1995Mar 31Apr 2HonoluluUSAShi-Kuo Chang
DMS 1994Feb 26Feb 26TaipeiTaiwanShi-Kuo ChangC. N. Liu

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