DEBSM 2008

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DEBSM 2008
ICDE Workshop on Data Engineering for Blogs, Social Media, and Web 2.0
Dates 2008/04/11 (iCal) - 2008/04/12
Location: Cancún, Mexico
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Important dates
Submissions: 2007/11/12
Table of Contents

Social media systems such as weblogs, photo and link sharing sites, wikis and on-line forums are estimated to produce up to one third of new Web content. Several things set these "Web 2.0" sites apart from traditional Web pages and resources: they are often annotated with semantic metadata, they are intertwined with human social networks and their constituent parts exhibit a rich set of relations and connections through comments, trackbacks, advertisements, tags, and other metadata. Developing models of these new information sources, understanding how to manage them, and developing techniques to extract useful information from them are topics of keen interest.

This one-day ICDE workshop will focus on the data engineering/data management / data mining issues that arise out of work in the area of social media and Web2.0 applications. The participatory and non central controlled nature of such applications opens several new vistas for research. The dominant focus of the workshop will be on presentation of refereed papers both long and short. We will also plan to have a keynote and/or a panel discussion.

Topics will include but are not limited to issues such as graph analysis, trust and reputation in open media, data mining of social media, crawling and indexing, ranking and influence measurement of blogs/bloggers, cross media link detection and analysis, opinion and sentiment detection, measuring and predicting social media phenomenon such as "buzz spread", metadata detection topic detection and tracking.

Workshop Organizers

Tim Finin, Belle Tseng (Co-chair), Anupam Joshi (Co-chair), Yelena Yesha,
Pranam Kolari, Akshay Java, Calton Pu

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline:
	 November 12, 2007
	 December 15, 2007
Camera Ready Copy:
	 January 1, 2008

Submission Instructions

All submissions must be made using the easyChair system.

The copyright for workshop papers will be retained by the authors. Please use the submission template available here:

Submissions should not exceed 6 pages in length.

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