DDDM 2008

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DDDM 2008
The 2nd International Workshop on Domain Driven Data Mining
Dates Dec 15, 2008 (iCal) - Dec 19, 2008
Homepage: datamining.it.uts.edu.au/dddm08
Location: Pisa, Italy
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Important dates
Submissions: Aug 1, 2008
Notification: Sep 15, 2008
Table of Contents

                   Call for Papers - DDDM 2008
    The 2nd International Workshop on Domain Driven Data Mining
              Pisa, Italy, December 15 or 19, 2008
                In conjunction with IEEE ICDM'08
          URL: http://datamining.it.uts.edu.au/dddm08/

In the last decade, data mining has emerged as one of most vivacious 
areas in information technology. Although many algorithms and 
techniques for data mining have been proposed, it still remains an 
open problem to successfully apply them to discovery actionable 
knowledge in real-life applications in various domains.

The Second International Workshop on Domain Driven Data Mining 
(DDDM 2008) aims to provide a premier forum for sharing findings, 
knowledge, insight, experience and lessons in tackling potential 
challenges in discovering actionable knowledge from complex domain 
problems, promote the interaction of and fill the gap between data 
mining research and business expectations, and drive a paradigm 
shift from traditional data-centered hidden pattern mining to 
domain-driven actionable knowledge discovery. 
Topics of Interest
+ Domain driven KDD methodology, framework, system, infrastructure, 
  and project management
+ Domain driven data mining technologies and algorithms
+ Domain specific KDD process and data mining techniques
+ Involvement and integration of human intelligence, domain 
  intelligence, domain constraints and network intelligence in data 
  mining process
+ Formalization of domain knowledge, domain constraints and domain 
+ Modelling human intelligence, user preference, dynamic supervision 
  and human-mining interaction
+ Knowledge actionability/dependability/operationability, and the 
  integration of technical and business interestingness
+ Reliability, trust, privacy, utility and other organizational and 
  social issues in domain specific data mining
+ Domain specific data mining applications, such as web mining, 
  blog mining, security mining, taxation mining, scientific data 
  mining, and social network mining.

Keynote Speech
Domain Driven Data Mining (D3M)
By Dr. Longbing Cao and Prof. Chengqi Zhang
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Submission Instructions
Paper submissions should be limited to a maximum of 10 pages in the 
IEEE 2-column format, the same as the camera-ready format (see the 
IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines at 
All papers accepted for the workshop will be included in the 
ICDM'08 Workshop Proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society
Press. Selected papers from the workshop will be invited for 
consideration of publication in a planned special issue of IEEE 
Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (subject to approval
from TKDE).

Important dates
  August 1, 2008:          Submission deadline
  September 15, 2008:      Notification of paper acceptance to authors
  October 7, 2008:         Deadline for camera-ready copies
  December 15 or 19, 2008: Workshop day (to be confirmed)

Organizing Committee 
General Chair 
  Philip S. Yu     University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Program Chairs
  Yanchang Zhao    University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
  Graham Williams  Australian Taxation Office, Australia
  Carlos Soares    University of Porto, Portugal

Inquiries can be forwarded to .

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