DBPL 2019

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DBPL 2019
17th Symposium on Data Base Programming Languages
Event in series DBPL
Dates 2019/06/23 (iCal) - 2019/06/23
Homepage: https://pldi19.sigplan.org/home/dbpl-2019#About
Location: Phoenix, USA
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PC chairs: Alvin Cheung, Kim Nguyễn
PC members: William Cook, Vasiliki Kalavri, Harshad Kasture, Oleg Kiselyov, Sam Lindley, Tiark Rompf
Table of Contents



  • Compiling Query Languages to Modern Hardware
  • Data-Centric Programming Abstractions, Comprehensions, Monads
  • Data Integration, Exchange, and Interoperability
  • Data Synchronization and Bidirectional Transformations
  • Declarative Data Centers (e.g., distributed query processing, serverless computing platforms, social computing platforms, etc)
  • Emerging and Nontraditional Data Models
  • Language-Based Security in Data Management
  • Language-Integrated Query Mechanisms
  • Managing Uncertain and Imprecise Information
  • Metaprogramming and Heterogeneous Staged Computation
  • Programming Language Support for Data-Centric Programming (e.g., databases, web programming, machine learning, etc)
  • Query Compilation and In-memory Databases
  • Query Language Design and Implementation
  • Query Transformation and Optimization
  • Schema Mapping and Metadata Management
  • Semantics and Verification of Database Systems
  • Stream Data Processing and Query Languages
  • Type and Effect Systems for Data-Centric Programming