DAMP 2006

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DAMP 2006
Declarative Programming Languages for Multicore Architectures 2006
Event in series DAMP
Dates 2006/01/15 (iCal) - 2006/01/15
Homepage: glew.org/damp2006/
Location: Charleston, South Carolina, USA
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Table of Contents

Source: http://glew.org/damp2006/cfp.txt

                                  Workshop on
          Declarative Programming Languages for Multicore Architectures
                              Charleston, SC, USA
                                15 Janurary 2006
                     (informally colocated with POPL 2006)

Many chip manufactures are turning to multi-core processors rather
than frequency increases in a single core as a way to get increasing
performance in their desktop, enterprise, and mobile processors.  This
endeavour is not likely to succeed long term if mainstream
applications cannot be parallelised to take advantage of 10s and
eventually 100s of hardware treads.  Parallelising programs is a
difficult problem.  User specification of parallelism is fraught with
pitfalls such as race conditions, anticipated interactions between
threads, difficult debugging models, and poorly understood performance
consequencies.  Automatic parallelisation of imperative langauges is
difficult due to dependencies and aliasing.

Functional and logic programming languages, especially
referentially-transparent ones, have many fewer and more transparent
dependencies and aliasing.  Therefore such langauges are much easier
to extract parallelism from.  Moreover, the advanced type systems and
strong semantic foundations of these languages make correctness easier
to achieve.

This workshop is an informal one-day event seeking to explore the
leading role declarative programming languages might take in
programming multi-core architectures.  It seeks to gather together the
research of the last two decades on parallelising declarative
programming languages, examine what has changed from parallel machines to
multicore chips, and set research directions for the coming decade.

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

* suitability of functional and logic programming languages to
  future multicore applications
* extraction of parallelism from functional and logic programs
* ways of specifying or hinting at parallelism in functional and logic
* type systems for accurately knowing or limiting dependencies,
  aliasing, effects, and nonpure features
* ways of specifying or hinting at data placement in functional and
  logic programs
* implementation techniques to support parallelisation of functional
  and logic programs
* experiences of and challengers arising from making practical
  declarative programming parallelisation


Neal Glew
Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, USA

Leaf Petersen
Anwar Ghuloum
Jesse Fang


Intel's Programming Systems Lab
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