Constructionism 2010

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Constructionism 2010
constructionism 2010
Dates Aug 16, 2010 (iCal) - Aug 20, 2010
Homepage: events/constructionism2010.htm
Location: Paris, France
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Important dates
Submissions: Feb 28, 2010
Camera ready due: May 31, 2010
Table of Contents

We encourage contributions from teachers, researchers and software designers who would like to illustrate how technology can aid in the constructionist approach to learning, thinking and education. 
Papers can be case-based or theoretical. Presentations are generally twenty minutes in length and we will have both plenary sessions as well as smaller groupings. 
We are always eager to hear about new uses and extensions to the Logo computer language but we are also eager to hear from those using other languages and technologies. 
We hope to mix constructionists from a variety of disciplines: mathematics, social and physical sciences with the arts and humanities. 
Teachers of younger students are especially welcome and are encouraged to actively participate and to show examples of their students’ work. 
We have heard from people interested in the following areas. Please suggest others! (
• New constructionist computer languages • New versions of Logo •  Robotics • Multi agent modelling applications in the social sciences • Multi agent modelling applications in mathematics and science education • Art and design education • Music education, music listening • Dance education: dance notation as tools of thought • Constructionist psychology: the work of George Kelly • Constructionist applications of Mathematica • Constructionist applications of APL: Ken Iverson vs. Seymour Papert • Teaching statistics from a constructionist point of view • What’s the difference between constructionism and constructivism?

We particularly encourage teachers and students to present posters based on: work in progress • classroom experiences • constructionist ideas.

Half-day Workshop Ideas 
• Robotics • NetLogo • Scratch • Technology for students with special needs • Repertory Grid methods of Personal Construct Psychology

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