Climate Change Conference 2011

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Climate Change Conference 2011
Third International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts and Responses
Event in series Climate Change Conference 2011
Dates 2011/07/21 (iCal) - 2011/07/22
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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Climate Change Conference 2011

21 July-21 July 2011

Roi De Janererio, Brazil

The conference is a multidisciplinary forum for the exploration of climate change. We welcome proposals on all relevant topics, including the special theme - climate change and its global implications for people, ethics, and equity.

Keywords: Environment, earth sciences, ecology, science, social sciences, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, natural sciences, climate change, global warming

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Event in seriesClimate Change Conference 2011 +
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TitleThird International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts and Responses +