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Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
Average acceptance rate: 36.7
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CSCL has an average acceptance rate of 36.7%.


The following events of the series CSCL are currently known in this wiki:

 FromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
CSCL 201718 June 201721 June 2017PhiladelphiaUSA
CSCL 20156 July 20156 November 2015GothenburgSweden44.0
CSCL 201315 July 201319 July 2013MadisonUSA
CSCL 20117 April 20117 August 2011Hong KongChina
CSCL 20096 August 200913 June 2009RhodesGreece26.5
CSCL 200716 July 200721 July 2007New BrunswickUSA
CSCL 200530 May 20056 April 2005TaipeiTaiwan39.7
CSCL 200314 June 200318 June 2003BergenNorway
CSCL 200122 March 200124 March 2001MaastrichtThe Netherlands
CSCL 199912 December 199915 December 1999StanfordUSA
CSCL 199712 October 199714 December 1997TorontoCanada




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Facts about "CSCL"
Has Average Acceptance Rate36.7 +
TitleComputer Supported Collaborative Learning +