CORCS 2009

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CORCS 2009
2nd IEEE International Workshop on Component-Based Design of Resource-Constrained Systems
Dates 2009/07/20 (iCal) - 2009/07/24
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: 2009/03/08
Camera ready due: 2009/04/30
Table of Contents

2nd IEEE International Workshop on
Component-Based Design of
Resource-Constrained Systems
CORCS 2009

Seattle, Washington, July 20 - July 24, 2009
(in conjunction with COMPSAC 2009)

Aims and Scope
The aim of this workshop is to discuss but also advance the
state-of-the-art, research and development in the area of resource
aware systems, and to promote the study of both fundamental
and practical aspects of component based design of such systems.
Accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings of
COMPSAC 2009, by the IEEE Computer Society Press.

Any submission whose content is relevant to the area of resource
aware system design will be considered, but submission
whose subject matter is related to one of the following topics will
be particularly welcome:

* Modeling and Specifying Resource-aware Systems
- models for software components and component interaction: real-time, =20=

safety-critical, embedded, or mobile systems
- specification of extra-functional properties of components
resource models
- service-oriented architectures

* Analysis Techniques
- formal techniques for verification and validation of component =20
software: model-checking, abstraction, refinement, code synthesis, =20
testing, monitoring, debugging, model extraction
- compositional theories

- componentization of legacy code

- certification of components and software architectures
- resource-usage impact on quality of service (QoS) attributes

* Platform-aware Design
- run-time mechanisms and middleware
- scheduling and resource management
- component-driven hardware-software co-design

* Tools and Case-studies
- applications, experience reports and case studies in
component software
- tools for resource-constrained system development

Important Dates:
* March 8th, 2009: Deadline for paper submission
* April 15th, 2009 : Notification of acceptance/rejection
* April 30th, 2009: Camera-ready due

Program Committee:
* Christo Angelov (Mads Clausen Institute, Denmark)
* Tughrul Arslan (Univ. of Edinburgh, UK)
* Marius Bozga (CNRS, France)
* Ivica Crnkovic (Malardalen Univ., Sweden)
* Alexandre David (Aalborg Univ., Denmark)
* David Garlan (Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA)
* Paola Inverardi (Univ. of L'Aquila, Italy)
* Kim G. Larsen (Aalborg Univ., Denmark)
* Johan Lilius (=C5bo Akademi, Finland)
* Tiziana Margaria (Univ. of Potsdam, Germany)
* Rafaella Mirandola (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
* Thomas Nolte (Malardalen Univ., Sweden)
* Heinz Schmidt (RMIT Univ., Australia)
* Bernhard Schatz (Technical Univ. Munich, Germany)
* Mikael Sjodin (Malardalen Univ., Sweden)
* Ana Sokolova (Univ. of Salzburg, Austria)
* Bernhard Steffen (Univ. of Dortmund, Germany)
* Dragos Truscan (Abo Akademi, Finland)
* Petr Tuma (Charles University, Czech Republic)
* Wang Yi (Uppsala Univ., Sweden)

Paper Submission:
Papers must be submitted electronically via the CORCS 2009 Submission =20=

Page.The format of submitted papers should follow the guidelines for =20
the IEEE conference proceedings. All papers will be carefully reviewed =20=

by at least three reviewers. Papers should be no more than 6 pages.

* Cristina Seceleanu, Malardalen Univ., Sweden;
* Paul Pettersson, Malardalen Univ., Sweden;

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