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Event series
Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
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WikiDataId: Q5159946
DblpSeries: cikm
Avg. acceptance rate: 22
Avg. acceptance rate (last 5 years): 17.7
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Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) has an average acceptance rate of 22% (last 5 years 17.7%).


The following events of the series CIKM are currently known in this wiki: Template loop detected: Template:Event series

Conference General Chairs acceptance rate
WACV 2022 Gerard Medioni 35.0%
WACV 2021 Kevin Bowyer 34.5%

The acceptance rate for WACV 2022 is 35.0%. The acceptance rate for wACV 2021 is 34.5%.

 OrdinalFromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
CIKM 202130Nov 1Nov 5Gold CoastAustralia
CIKM 2020Oct 19Oct 23OnlineOnlineMathieu d'Aquin
Stefan Dietze
Claudia Hauff
Edward Curry
Philippe Cudre Mauroux
CIKM 2019Nov 3Nov 7BeijingChinaWenwu Zhu;
Dacheng Tao;
Peng Cui;
Elke Rundensteiner;
David Carmel;
Qi He;
CIKM 2018Oct 22Oct 26TurinItalyAlfredo Cuzzocrea17.8
CIKM 2017Nov 6Nov 10SingaporeSingapore20.0
CIKM 2016Oct 24Oct 28IndianapolisUSA22.8
CIKM 2014Nov 3Nov 7ShanghaiChina20.9
CIKM 2010Jan 113.3
CIKM 2009Jan 1Hong KongChina14.5
CIKM 200817Oct 26Oct 30Napa ValleyUSA17.1




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CIKM is the Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.