CIICC 2011

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CIICC 2011
17th International Congress on Computer Science Research
Dates 2011/10/26 (iCal) - 2011/10/28
Location: Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
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Important dates
Submissions: 2011/05/31
Table of Contents

In 2011 the main topic of the 17th International Congress on Computer Science Research (CIICC'11) will be "Cloud Computing and Virtualization". This year CIICC'11 will provide a forum for presentation and exchange of current research and development work on the following areas of Computer Science and related topics:


− Advanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models. − Computation Intelligent − Data Warehousing and Data Mining. − E-commerce. − Education in Computational Sciences. − Grid Networks, Services and Applications. − Human-Computer Interaction. − Information Security and Applied Cryptography. − Intelligent Agents. − Intelligent Information Systems. − Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Ant Colony Optimization. − New Trends in Software Engineering. − Parallel and Distributed Computing. − Robotics. − Software Project Management. − Web Intelligence. − Novel Applications of Computing in Other Fields.


Authors should send to the President of the Academia Nacional de Ciencias Computacionales (ANaCC)

Prof. José Martínez F. Inst. Tecnológico de Cd. Madero E-mail:, the following documents:

− An E-mail message with the following form properly filled:


Paper title:

Full names of all authors:

Affiliation of all authors:

Topics related to the paper:

Name of contact:

E-mail address(es) of contact:

− A file in PDF format of the full paper written in English, Spanish or Portuguese. The paper must exclude author names and their affiliation; i.e., it must include only paper title, abstract, body, and references. The paper should not exceed twelve pages and should be edited so it can be properly printed on letter size paper.


Investigators interested in organizing special sessions should send a letter (a PDF file) to the President of ANaCC including the following information: subject of the session, the number of papers that is estimated to be submitted, the number of papers to be accepted, and the name of the organizer.

Important Dates

Session proposal submission: April 30, 2011 Full paper submission: May 31, 2011. Notification of acceptance: July 31, 2011. Final version of papers: August 31, 2011.


Academia Nacional de Ciencias Computacionales (Mexico) Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia Computer Chapter, IEEE

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