CHOL 2009

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CHOL 2009
2009 International Conference on Human Resource, Organizational Behavior and Leadership Science
Dates Dec 19, 2009 (iCal) - Dec 20, 2009
Location: Beijing, China
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Important dates
Submissions: Sep 26, 2009
Table of Contents

Topics:(All submissions should include, but are not limited to the followings)

1. Theory and Practice of Human Resource ManagementTheory and Technology of Human Resource Planning

Research on Human Resource Recruitment and Effective Allocation

The Establishment and Perfection of Enterprise Human Resources Training and Development Project Design and System

Performance and Compensation & Benefits Management of Human Resource 

Employee Career Planning and Management

Theoretical Research on Industrial Relations 

Research on Human Resource Management Patterns in different Types of enterprises 

Compensation Capitalized in Stocks and Long-acting Motivation Mechanism

Human Resource Management Theory Based Upon Knowledge Management

Outsourcing Management

Human Capital Theory

Human Resource Management Information System and the Security Technology

2.Organizational Performance and Organizational Structure DesignOrganizational Performance Evaluation Theory and Methods

Performance Appraisal Methods and Technology 

Organizational Structure and Performance

Organizational Structure Design

Organizational Change 

3.Theories and Practices of Leadership ScienceTrait Theory of Leadership

Behavioral Theories of Leadership

Contingency Theory of Leadership

Transformational Leadership Theory and Charismatic Leadership Theory

Leadership Cultivation and Assessment

Traditional Chinese Management Thoughts and Leadership 

4. Theories and Methods and Practices of Organizational BehaviorResearch Methods in Organizational Behavior

Research on Individual and Crowd Behavior

Behavior Decision- making Theory

Research on Employee Satisfaction

Team Building

Negotiation and Communication Theory

Work Stress Management

Learning Organization 

5. Corporate CultureCorporate Culture and Organizational Performance

Theory and Practice on Corporate Culture Construction

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