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International Conference on Communications and Networking in China, Information and Coding Theory Symposium
Dates Aug 26, 2009 (iCal) - Aug 28, 2009
Location: Xi'an, China
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Important dates
Submissions: Jan 20, 2009
Camera ready due: May 30, 2009
Table of Contents

Overview:   The aim of CHINACOM is to bring together Chinese and international researchers and practitioners in networking and communications under one roof to showcase recent research advances in communications and networking. Following the great success of CHINACOM2006, CHINACOM2007 and CHINACOM2008, CHINACOM2009 will be held in Xi'an, China, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in August 2009.

Technical Symposia:   Prospective authors are welcome to submit original technical papers for publication in the conference proceedings and for presentation at the following symposia:

1. Frontiers on Communications and Networking Symposium

    * Next Generation Wireless Systems and Services
          o 3GPP Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), WiMAX
          o Personal Area Networking, Home Networking, Femto Cells
          o Deploying services and emerging applications using IMS
          o IMS and Peer-to-Peer
    * Cognitive Radio Based Networking and System (CRN)
          o Spectrum sensing and spectrum management
          o Policy between primary user and secondary user
          o Cooperation and gaming strategies among primary users and secondary users
          o Regulations and standards
    * Next Generation Networking (NGN)
          o Virtual and overlay networks
          o Interworking heterogeneous wireless/wired networks
          o Router/switch architectures and algorithms
          o Network management, QoS management
          o Pricing and billing
    * Communications and Networking for Rural and Emergency Applications
          o Economic models and user requirements
          o Technologies for rural applications
          o Technologies for emergency and disaster relief
   * Broadcast and Multicast Technologies
          o System architectures
          o Secure broadcast and multicast communications
          o Internet broadcasting
          o Mobile broadcasting and mobile TV
          o Emerging standards, e.g., DVB-S2, DVB-RCS, DVB-H, DVB-T, MediaFLO services and applications
    * Power Line Communication
          o Modulation and coding techniques
          o Multicarrier, OFDM and Spread Spectrum Techniques
          o System architecture and protocol (e.g., MAC, network, transport)
          o Security in Power Line Communications
          o Standards and Regulations
          o Applications and Services
    * Bio-inspired/Bio-oriented Networks
          o Body-area networks
          o Wireless telemedicine and E-health services
    * Interference modeling and management in wireless networks
          o Spectrum Sensing and Management
          o Iterative Receiver Processing on Communication Systems
    * Vehicular Inter-networking
          o VSpehicle-to-vehicle
          o Vehicle-to-roadside unit
          o Vehicle-to-Infrastructure
          o Telematics

2. Optical Communications and Networking Symposium

    * Semiconductor lasers and optoelectronic devices
    * Advanced modulation techniques and formats
    * Next generation SONET/SDH
    * ROF and optical system and subsystems
    * High data rate transmission systems
    * Optical network architecture and protocol design
    * Regional, core, metro, and access optical networks
    * Optical grid and multi-domain networks
    * Optical Ethernet and passive optical networks (e.g., EPON, GPON, and WDM-PON)
    * Hybrid wireless-optical access networks
    * Convergence of optical networks with wireless networks
    * Cross layer optical networks
    * Optical packet switching, burst switching, and label switching
    * Routing and wavelength assignment
    * Multicasting, broadcasting, and groupcasting
    * Traffic grooming and traffic engineering
    * Optical virtual private networking
    * Optical network control and management
    * Quality of Service Issues in Optical Networks
    * Optical network protection and restoration (single layer and multilayer)
    * Network modeling and performance analysis
    * Optical network applications (e.g., grid computing, storage area networks, multimedia content distribution networks, etc.)
    * Optical network testbeds, field trials, and experiments
    * Security issues in optical networks

3. Wireless Communications and Networking Symposium

    * PCS, GPRS, EDGE, 3GPP, UMTS, and IMT2000
    * CDMA, TDMA, OFDM, and air interfaces
    * Smart antennas, cell and capacity planning
    * Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
    * Cognitive radio and software defined radio
    * Cooperative communications and networking
    * Ultra-wideband communications (UWB)
    * MIMO and multi-antenna communications
    * Space-time coding and processing
    * Detection and estimation
    * Propagation and antennas
    * Diversity techniques and equalization
    * Synchronization
    * Channel modeling and estimation
    * Modulation and coding
    * Multi-user detection, signal separation and interference rejection
    * Joint source-channel coding for wireless communications
    * Channel capacity and network information theory
    * Power control algorithms
    * DSP applications to wireless systems
    * Satellite communications
    * Mobility, handoff protocols and management
    * Wireless LANs and mobile Internet
    * Network topology control
    * Flow and congestion control
    * TCP over wireless
    * Wireless multicasting
    * Broadband wireless communications
    * B3G/4G mobile network architectures
    * Wireless multimedia
    * Network coding in wireless networks
    * Wireless switching and routing techniques
    * Resource allocation and interference management
    * Sensor and ad hoc wireless networks
    * WiMAX and beyond WiFi
    * Wireless mesh networks
    * Vehicle-to-vehicle communications and Networking
    * Cross-layer design and optimization
    * Wireless security and privacy
    * Wireless service discovery
    * Localization techniques
    * Heterogeneous networks and systems
    * Bluetooth technologies and applications
    * Delay-tolerant networks

4. Advances in Internet Symposium

    * Grid management and grid services
    * Service Computing Clouds and management
    * IP-based convergent solutions and next generation networks
    * P2P computing
    * IP applications and services
    * Multicast and anycast
    * IP applications and services
    * Multicast and anycast
    * Web services & performance
    * VOIP
    * IPTV
    * IP multimedia system
    * Virtual private networks
    * Multimedia protocols
    * Internet measurements
    * Quality of service
    * Service Level Agreements
    * Routing protocols
    * Transport layer protocols
    * Mobility management in IP networks
    * Addressing & location management
    * Congestion control
    * Content Distribution Networks
    * Cross layer design and optimization
    * Protocols for Future Internet
    * Multi-protocol label switching
    * Broadband access networks
    * Traffic measurement and analysis
    * Traffic engineering & control
    * Fixed mobile convergence
    * Wireless mesh networks and protocols
    * IP-based convergent solutions and next generation networks
    * Wireless IPv6
    * Ad hoc mobile networks
    * Future Internet design
    * Future Internet of Services
    * Future Internet of Things
    * Sensors Networks
    * Service-aware Networks
    * Middleware support for Future Internet
    * Mobility models & systems
    * Network applications & services
    * Network architectures
    * Network control
    * Network management
    * Service management
    * Resource allocation & management
    * Control Architectures
    * Self-aware Networks
    * Self-managed Networks
    * Programmable Networks
    * Context-aware Networks
    * Novel network architectures
    * Peer-to-peer networks
    * Performance evaluation
    * Power control & management
    * Energy-aware Networking
    * Security, trust, & privacy
    * Self-organizing networks
    * Service overlays
    * Topology characterization & inference
    * Virtual & overlay networks
    * Virtual private networks
    * IP over satellite

5. Information and Coding Theory Symposium

    * Coding for noisy channels and erasure channels
    * Source coding and data compression
    * Joint source-channel coding
    * Multi-terminal and network information theory
    * Network coding and coding for multi-terminal systems
    * Cooperation, competition and cognition in wireless networks
    * Information theory in coding with feedback or side information
    * Codes on graphs and lattice codes
    * Belief propagation, survey propagation and related iterative algorithms
    * Application of information and coding theory to signal, image and video processing
    * Application of information and coding theory to compressive sensing
    * Cryptography and information-theoretic and coding-theoretic approaches to data security

6. Network and Information Security Symposium

    * 3G and 4G security
    * 802.11 security and 802.11i
    * Application/network penetration testing
    * Authentication protocols
    * Biometric security: technologies, risks and vulnerabilities
    * Bluetooth security
    * Computer and network forensics
    * Critical infrastructure security
    * Data and system integrity
    * Deployment and management of computer/network security policies
    * Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDOS) attacks and countermeasures
    * Distributed systems security
    * DNS spoofing and security
    * Encryption standards
    * Financial cryptosystems
    * Firewalls
    * Formal trust models
    * Information hiding and watermarking
    * Intrusion avoidance
    * IPv6 security and IPSec
    * Key distribution and management
    * Light-weight cryptography
    * Message authentication
    * Intrusion detection
    * Countermeasures
    * Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Key Distribution
    * Mobile code security
    * Network security metrics and performance evaluation
    * Operating System(OS) security and log analysis tools
    * Peer-to-peer system security
    * Public-key cryptography
    * Revocation of malicious parties
    * Robust Security Network (RSN)
    * Secure naming
    * Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    * Security modeling and protocol design
    * Security specification techniques
    * Self-healing networks
    * Sensor network security
    * Single- and multi-source intrusion detection and response (automation)
    * Smart cards and secure hardware
    * Symmetric key cryptography
    * Transport Layer Security (TLS)
    * Trust establishment
    * Upper-layer authentication
    * Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) security
    * Vulnerability, exploitation tools, and virus/worm analysis
    * Web, e-commerce, m-commerce, and e-mail security
    * Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
    * Power-reliability-security trade-offs in wireless networks
    * Cross-layer approaches to security
    * Mobile network security
    * Location aware security in mobile networks
    * Throughput-Security trade-offs in wireless networks
    * Secure group multimedia communications
    * Secure PHY/MAC/routing protocols
    * Distributed security systems
    * Secure cooperation in wireless networks
    * Jamming and counter measures
    * Attacks on security and vulnerability analysis
    * Application layer encryption
    * Digital watermarking and biometrics for secure information access
    * Capacity and security analysis of covert channels
    * Security Engineering
    * Security in large-scale environments
    * Security protocols
    * Security of ad-hoc/sensor networks

7. Signal Processing for Communications Symposium

    * Coherent/noncoherent detection, precoding and space-time coding
    * Fundamental limits on capacity and performance analysis
    * Single-carrier, multi-carrier, and multi-rate systems
    * Multiple access and broadcast channels, multi-user receivers
    * Location tracking in mobile networks
    * Cross-layer issues: from physical to networking layers
    * Signal processing for ad hoc, multi-hop, and sensor networks
    * Cooperative transmission and reception schemes
    * Distributed signal processing
    * Spectrum sensing and allocation for cognitive radios
    * Time, frequency, spatial, multi-user diversity in fading channels
    * Smart antennas, beamforming and direction of arrival estimation
    * Channel modeling, estimation and equalization
    * Signal separation, and interference rejection
    * Acquisition, synchronization, and tracking (data aided or blind)
    * Spread-spectrum systems
    * Signal processing for power-line communications, digital subscriber loops and cable modems
    * VLSI Circuit, architecture and Implementation for communications

8. Multimedia Communications Symposium

    * Networks and protocols to support user generated contents
    * Peer-to-peer multimedia networks
    * Source and channel coding
    * DRM issues and policies
    * Implications of net neutrality
    * Streaming media
    * Mobility management for wireless multimedia
    * Testbeds and measurements
    * Multimedia Quality of service issues
    * Cross-layer design for multimedia communication
    * Medium Access Control for multimedia over wireless networks
    * Interactive media
    * Online gaming
    * Content distribution networks
    * Emerging standards
    * Multimedia over cognitive radio networks
    * Multimedia over satellite networks
    * Multimedia communication software and middleware
    * Multimedia security and forensics
    * New applications (e.g., public safety networks)
    * Wireless and wireline broadband multimedia access


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