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CAR 2012
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2nd Annual International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics
Dates 2012/03/12 (iCal) - 2012/03/13
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
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2nd Annual International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics CAR 2012

Date: 12 - 13 March 2012 Venue: Bangkok, Thailand


The CAR conference is a symposium for researchers, engineers and practitioners to showcase the latest technology for efficiency and quality based on control, robotics and automation. The conference will focus on the leading edge topics in the theoretical and applied engineering and computer science subjects such as Intelligent Control Systems, Automation, Signal Processing, Optimization, Robotics Systems.

Some of the scientific equipments, products and accessories based on advance technology will be featured in the conference. We also welcome authors to highlight the benefits of applying information technology to these areas and ideas on how to solve challenges involved in relevant engineering processes.


Prof. the Hon. Dr. Stephen Martin Member, Board of Governors, Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF) Former Speaker Parliament of Australia Former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Strategy and Planning) Curtin University of Technology Former Pro Vice Chancellor International, Victoria University


Prof. Andrew Adamatzky Professor Department of Computer Science, University of the West of England, UK Ranger of the Unconventional Computing Centre, Member of Bristol Robotics Lab


Dr. Kalpana Yadav IGIT, GGSIP University, Delhi, India


Prof. Dr. Mihail Voicu Professor, Dr. Eng. Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy President of the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" of Iasi Founder & Vice President, Romanian Society of Automation and Technical Informatics (SRAIT)

Prof. Sergej Fatikow Professor, Head of Div. Microrobotics & Control Engineering - AMiR Dept. of Computing Science, Univ. of Oldenburg, Germany Head of Technology Cluster Automated Nanohandling, Research Center OFFIS, Germany

Prof. Patrick Siarry Professor in automatics and informatics University of Paris 12, France

Prof. Noburo Sakamoto Associate Professor Department of Aerospace Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan

Prof. Eugenio Aguirre Associate Professor Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of Granada, Spain

Dr. Eva Gyurkovics Associate Professor Department of Differential Equations, Mathematical Institute, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

Dr Alamelumangai Assistant Professor Karpagam College of Engineering, India

Dr. Graziano Chesi Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr. Zamberi Bin Jamaludin Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

Dr. Zeyang Xia Department of Mechanical Engineering,Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI, U.S.A.


Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF) 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 DID : +65 6327 0166 Fax : +65 6327 0162

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