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International Conference on Automated Deduction
Average acc. rate: 42.9
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CADE has an average acceptance rate of 42.9% (last 5 years Expression error: Unexpected round operator.

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The following events of the series CADE are currently known in this wiki:

 FromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
CADE 201925 August 201930 August 2019NatalBrazil
CADE 201728 August 201711 August 2017GothenburgSweden37.7
CADE20178 August 201711 August 2017GothenburgSwedenWolfgang Ahrendt
Moa Johansson
Leonardo de Moura44.9
CADE 20158 January 20158 July 2015BerlinGermany42.9
CADE 20136 September 201314 June 2013Lake PlacidUSA43.7
CADE 201131 July 20118 May 2011WroclawPoland43.8
CADE 20098 February 20098 July 2009MontrealCanada41.6
CADE 200717 July 200720 July 2007BremenGermany
CADE 200522 July 200527 July 2005TallinnEstonia
CADE 200328 July 20038 February 2003Miami BeachUSA
CADE 200227 July 200230 July 2002CopenhagenDenmark
CADE 200017 July 200020 July 2000PittsburghUSA
CADE19997 July 19997 October 1999TrentoItaly
CADE 19987 May 19987 October 1998LindauGermany40.0
CADE199713 July 199717 July 1997TownsvilleAustralia48.3
CADE199630 July 19968 March 1996New BrunswickUSA
CADE199426 June 19947 January 1994NancyFrance
CADE199215 June 199218 June 1992Saratoga SpringsUSA
CADE199024 July 199027 July 1990KaiserslauternGermany
CADE198823 May 198826 May 1988ArgonneUSA
CADE198627 July 19868 January 1986OxfordEngland
CADE198414 May 198416 May 1984NapaUSA
CADE19826 July 19826 September 1982USA
CADE19807 August 19807 November 1980Les ArcsFrance




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