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4th Int.Workshop on Business/IT Alignment and Interoperability
Dates Jun 9, 2009 (iCal) - Jun 9, 2009
Homepage: busital09.isis.tuwien.ac.at
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Important dates
Submissions: Feb 22, 2009
Table of Contents

4th Int.Workshop on Business/IT Alignment and Interoperability
Amsterdam, June 9, 2009, 
in conjunction with the CAiSE-09 conference.

Papers due: February 22, 2009


Organizations are today becoming more and more dependent on their 
information systems and other kinds of IT-based support systems to 
realize their business strategies, building value networks with 
partners, and managing their resources effectively. But how can 
organizations ensure that their IT investments are well aligned 
with the needs of the business? A number of frameworks and methods 
have been designed to help managers in aligning business and IT. 
Such alignment is a critical ?early stage? activity to understand 
how information systems contribute to business strategy and to 
set directions for the development and maintenance processes 
that follow. Recently, novel methods and techniques based on 
conceptual and  enterprise modeling have been proposed to 
support mutual alignment between business needs and IT solutions. 
BUSITAL-09 is a forum for practitioners and researchers that 
want to  explore the benefits, challenges and solutions 
of business and IT alignment.

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Frameworks for modeling business strategy: Techniques and methods for 
  capturing and understanding those components of business strategy 
  that profoundly impact information systems landscapes.
* Systems methodologies and frameworks for guiding information system
  design using relevant information in business strategy 
  models/definitions, including traceability issues. 
* Models, methods, and tools for indicating, analyzing, and measuring
  alignment, including business activity monitoring 
* Solutions for guiding information systems evolution and adaptation 
  using relevant information in business strategy models/definitions, 
  including IT governance. 
* Case studies and empirical reports on the benefits and costs of
* Business/IT alignment in organizational networks, including co-
  Creation of value through global networks
* Alignment issues in Service-Oriented analysis and design

Program Commitee

Eric Dubois Public Research Centre Henri Tudor,  Luxembourg 
Jaap Gordijn Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands 
W. J. van den Heuvel Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Pavel Hruby Microsoft, Denmark 
Christian Huemer TU Wien, Austria
Paul Johannesson KTH Stockholm, Sweden
John Krogstie NTNU, Norway
Kalle Lyytinen Case Western Reserve University, USA
William McCarthy Michigan State University, USA
Michael Petit University of Namur, Belgium
Yves Pigneur University of Lausanne, Switzerland
R.J. Wieringa University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands 
Carson Woo University of British Columbia, Canada
Eric Yu University of Toronto, Canada 

Organizing Committee

Dr. Hans Weigand (h.weigand[at]uvt.nl), Tilburg University
Professor Hannes Werthner, TU Wien
Professor Graham Gal, Isenberg School of Management

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