BIS 2011

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BIS 2011
14th International Conference on Business Information Systems
Dates 2011/06/15 (iCal) - 2011/06/17
Homepage: bis/?i=9
Location: Poznan, Poland
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Important dates
Submissions: 2011/01/21
Table of Contents

The BIS conference is by now a well-respected event joining international researchers to discuss the wide range of the development, implementation, application and improvement of business applications and systems. It is addressed to the scientific community, people involved in the development of business computer applications, consultants helping to properly implement computer technology and applications in the industry.


Towards flexible, personalized and adaptive business applications

There are trends in many disciplines related to business information systems that share a common goal – making systems more responsive to users’ needs. Having addressed basic functional requirements, the designers and developers are looking for further enhancements of their systems. This is necessary if new markets are to be reached. The more users we intend to support, the lower computing skills may be expected. For example, in the business process management domain solutions have been sought to alleviate the business-IT gap; in information management, ways to organize information have been simplified; in semantic web automatic linking of data is a Holy Grail. However, simplification does not mean homogenization because a typical user does not exist anymore. As a consequence, applications in many areas suffer from changing environments, changing data, or changing people. Computer systems not only should be adaptive and customizable to follow users’ way of thinking but also consider their individual preferences and background knowledge, their context or globally available data. No less important are business related aspects of these solutions. This common denominator of all applications in the scope of interest of BIS leads us to the formulation of the theme for the next BIS conference: Towards flexible, personalized and adaptive business applications.

It is our pleasure to invite you to submit your work to BIS 2011 conference. It will take place in June 2011 in Poznan and will be organized by Poznan University of Economics.

BIS 2011 International Conference invites researchers and practitioners to submit papers that contribute the results of research in Business Information Systems as well as papers that report on industrial IT projects. The Program Committee particularly encourages presentations of practical papers on industrial experience or on the validation of prototype implementations.


Topics are restricted by the theme of the conference as defined above and they include:

  • Business process management
  1. semantic business process management
  2. adaptive and dynamic processes
  3. supply chain processes
  4. ERP implementations
  5. integration of data and processes
  6. collaborative BPM
  • Ontologies
  1. creation, learning, population, evolution and evaluation of ontologies
  2. ontologies for enterprise content management
  3. natural language processing and cognitive science
  4. semantic integration of heterogeneous semi-structured information sources
  5. interoperability of heterogeneous information systems
  6. business models for Web information integration and aggregation
  • Contexts
  1. location-aware and geography-centric information systems
  2. wireless and mobile applications
  3. multi-agent distributed systems
  4. semantic web personalization
  5. ambient computing
  • Content retrieval and filtering
  1. hidden Web search and crawling
  2. data integration from Web information sources
  3. modeling and describing evolving data sources
  4. adaptive integration of evolving data sources
  5. information gathering support for knowledge-intensive enterprises
  6. search over semi-structural Web sources
  7. business models for a content
  • Collaboration
  1. knowledge-based collaboration
  2. social networks and social wikis
  3. enterprise mashups, Enterprise 2.0
  4. infrastructures for collaboration (P2P, TSC, etc.)
  5. semantic grid
  6. security in distributed systems
  7. Web-based model for discoverability, consumption, and reuse
  • Web services
  1. service oriented computing (SOA)
  2. semantic web services
  3. composition, choreography and orchestration
  4. open, decentralized self-service
  5. trust and quality of service (QoS)
  6. service level agreements


BIS 2011 proceedings is planned to be published as a volume in Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) series by Springer Verlag.

Information for LNBIP authors may be found at:

Electronic submission system is available at:

  • language of publication: English
  • paper should not exceed 12 LNCS pages (including abstract and references)
  • please include a 100-word abstract at the beginning of the paper, which clearly presents the achievement or contribution of the paper
  • please include 4-7 keywords best describing your paper
  • we understand that you submit your original work that has not been published or submitted elsewhere, and that you agree to publish your work when it is accepted by the Program Committee; you will be required to send a signed copyright form as required by Springer at a later stage
  • at least one author should register for the conference and present the paper; only registered authors' papers will be included in the proceedings
  • the authors will prepare the final manuscript in time for its inclusion in conference proceedings

Important Dates

Jan 21, 2011 -- submission deadline for papers

Mar 18, 2011 -- notification of acceptance/rejection

Apr 1, 2011 -- submission of final papers

Jun 15-17, 2011 -- the conference

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