BAFI 2018

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BAFI 2018
BAFI 2018 : Business Analytics in Finance and Industry
Dates 2018/01/17T12:00:00 (iCal) - 2018/01/19T12:00:00
Location: Santiago, Chile
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Important dates
Submissions: 2017/11/15T12:00:00
Table of Contents

Conference Topics

Topics at this conference include, but are not limited to:

Business Analytics - Methods:

Dimensionality Reduction, Feature Extraction, and Feature Selection Supervised, Semi-Supervised, and Unsupervised Methods Statistical Learning Theory Online Learning, Data Stream Mining, and Dynamic Data Mining Graph Mining and Semi-Structured Data patial and Temporal Data Mining Deep Learning and Neural Network Research Large Scale Data Mining Uncertainty Modeling in Data Mining

Business Analytics - Applications:

Credit Scoring and Financial Modeling Forecasting Fraud Detection Web Intelligence and Information Retrieval Marketing, Business Intelligence, and e-Commerce Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems Social Network Analysis Privacy-preserving Data Mining and Privacy-related Issue Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, and Opinion Mining

Important Dates

July 31, 2017: Deadline for submission of extended abstracts August 15, 2017: Accept/reject decision November 15, 2017: Deadline for early registration January 17-19, 2018: BAFI 2018

  • Only one contributed abstract is accepted from the same presenting author.

Submission Guidelines Authors are requested to submit a 600 word abstract in English using the platform available at the EasyChair system. Please do not attach any additional files at this time.

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