AofA 2018

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AofA 2018
29th International Conference on Probabilistic, Combinatorial and Asymptotic Methods for the Analysis of Algorithms
Event in series AofA
Dates 2018/06/25 (iCal) - 2018/06/29
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
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PC chairs: James Allen Fill
PC members: Olivier Bodini, Michael Drmota, Antoine Genitrini, Zbigniew Gołebiewski, Cecilia Holmgren
Keynote speaker: Louigi Addario-Berry, Béla Bollobás, Karen Gunderson . ., Svante Janson, Oliver Cooley, Nicola Del Giudice, Mihyun Kang, Philipp Sprüssel, Bret Benesh, Jamylle Carter, Deidra A. Coleman, Douglas G. Crabill, Jack H. Good, Michael A. Smith, Jennifer Travis, Mark Daniel Ward, Olle Häggström
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