ASRU 2017

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ASRU 2017
IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop
Event in series ASRU
Dates 2017/12/16 (iCal) - 2017/12/20
Location: Okinawa, Japan
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Important dates
Submissions: 2017/07/06
General chairs: John Hershey, Tomohiro Nakatani
Keynote speaker: Tara Sainath, Frank Soong, Chris Dyer, Hiroshi Ishiguro, George Saon, Björn W. Schuller, Mike Schuster, Chieko Asakawa, Najim Dehak, Paris Smaragdis
Table of Contents

We invite papers in all areas of spoken language processing, with emphasis placed on the following topics:

  • Automatic speech recognition
  • ASR in adverse environments
  • New applications of ASR
  • Speech-to-speech translation
  • Spoken document retrieval
  • Speaker/Language recognition
  • Multilingual language processing
  • Spoken language understanding
  • Spoken dialog systems
  • Text-to-speech systems