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Event series
Americas Conference on Information Systems
CORE Rank (2017): A
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The following events of the series AMCIS are currently known in this wiki:

 OrdinalFromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
AMCIS 2020Aug 12Aug 16Salt Lake CityUSABonnie Anderson
Jason Thatcher
Rayman Meservy
Kathy Chudoba
Kelly Fadel
Sue Brown
AMCIS 2019Aug 15Aug 17CancúnMexicoGuillermo Rodríguez-Abitia
Carlos Ferran
Martín Santana
Ramiro Montealegre
Aurora Sánchez
Valter Moreno
AMCIS 2018Aug 16Aug 18New OrleansUSAAndrew Schwarz
Tom Stafford
Rudy Hirschheim
Ashley Bush
Varun Grover
Shu Schiller


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