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AES 2013
AES 2013, the 2nd Advanced Electromagnetics Symposium
Dates 2013/03/19 (iCal) - 2013/03/22
Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
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Table of Contents

AES 2013, the 2nd Advanced Electromagnetics Symposium will serve as an international multidisciplinary forum for deliberations on recent advances and developments in the entire broad field of electromagnetics. Included in this wide-ranging subject, pertinent to both researchers and industry professionals, are all aspects of electromagnetics, and all frequency ranges from statics to optics.

AES 2013 program will include :

   Keynote lectures
   Invited talks
   Contributed oral and poster presentations

AES 2013 topics include, but are not limited to:

   Electromagnetic theory;
   Numerical methods;
   Computational techniques applied to EM field problems;
   Coupled field problems; Optimization techniques;
   EM field measurement techniques;
   Radiation; Propagation and Diffraction;
   Scattering and inverse scattering;
   Radar Measurements and Applications;
   Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC);
   Remote sensing; Polarimetry; Ionospheric propagation;
   Antenna theory and applications;
   Mobile antennas; Smart skin antennas;
   Electromagnetic signal processing;
   Non-linear electromagnetic systems;
   RF and wireless communication;
   Microwave and millimeter wave circuits and devices;
   Optics and photonics;
   Nanophotonics; THz technology;
   Fiber optics; Optical sensors;
   Optical communications;
   Bioeffects of EM fields;
   Medical electromagnetics;
   Biological media; Composite media; Random & structured materials;
   Advanced electromagnetic materials: Metamaterials; Plasmonics; Photonic crystals; Chiral and Bianisotropic media;
   Nonlinear media; Fractal media; Smart materials;
   Electroactive and magnetoactive materials;
   Superconducting materials;
   EM characterization of materials;
   EM circuits and systems;
   Non destructive testing;
   Eddy Current Problems...
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