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ACP 2011
The Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences
Subevent of The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy
Dates 2011/03/20 (iCal) - 2011/03/22
Location: Osaka, Japan
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Important dates
Abstracts: 2010/12/01
Papers: 2011/03/01
Submissions: 2010/12/01
Notification: 2010/12/15
Table of Contents

ACP 2011 - The Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences 2011 Organized by the International Academic Forum & Waseda University's Clinical Education and Science Research Institute 20 to 22 March 2011 Osaka, Japan

Featured Speaker: Ken Kawan Soetanto (Waseda University)

Call for papers: Deadline December 1 2010

This international and interdisciplinary conference will bring together a range of psychologists, medical doctors and a wide assortment of social scientists to discuss topics outside the traditional confines of narrow fields of specialism, and in new directions of research and discovery. The conference organizers hope that the Brave New World theme will be reflected not only in the submissions received, but in the wider aims of personal and professional discovery between delegates of different nationalities.

Special Theme I: "Brave New World: Caring, Sharing and Understanding" Special Theme II: Brave New World: Challenges and Opportunities" Special Theme III: "Brave New World:Hearts and Minds"

The conference theme is "Brave New World: Caring Sharing and Understanding" and the organizers encourage submissions that approach this question from a variety of perspectives.

However, the submission of other topics for consideration is welcome and we also encourage sessions within and across a variety of disciplines and fields related to Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences, including the following streams:

General Psychology, Psychology in the Asian Context (Comparing and Contrasting) Psychology and Education, Mental Health, Neuroscience, Industrial Organization and Organization Theory, Community Development, Qualitative/Quantative Research in any other area of Psychology

For more information, please visit the conference website: For inquiries:

Please note that IAFOR's Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences 2011 will be held alongside the Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy. Registrants for either ACP 2011 or ACERP 2011 will allow attendees the option of attending sessions in the other conference without charge.

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