ACPEL 2013

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ACPEL 2013
The First Asian Conference on Politics, Economics and Law 2013
Dates 2013/11/21 (iCal) - 2013/11/24
Location: Osaka, Japan
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Important dates
Submissions: 2013/07/01
Table of Contents

The First Asian Conference on Politics, Economics and Law will be held from November 21-24 2013 at Ramada Osaka, Osaka, Japan.

ACPEL 2013 Conference Theme: Political Governance, Legal Structures and Economic Sustainability

ACPEL 2013 Sub-Themes: Asian Political Systems, Trends and Sustainability Asian Economic Systems, Trends and Sustainability Asian Legal Systems, Trends and Sustainability Asian Political, Economic, and legal Systems in Global Context Current Issues in Asian Politics, Economics and Law

Authors are asked to submit under the following ACPEL streams:

Politics Streams (P)

P1. Political Participation and Representation P2. Governance, Institutions and Public Policy P3. Gender, Sexuality and Politics P4. Political Economy, Welfare and Labour P5. International Governance, Conflict and Development P6. Political Theory P7. Multiculturalism P8. Human Rights P9. Social Movements

Economics Streams (E) Streams arranged under the JEL codes

Law Streams (L)

L1. Civil Law and the Court Including: Torts, Equity and Succession, Court Management, Judicial Administration, Civil Procedure, and Civil Litigation L2. Environmental and Resource Management Law (Including: Water Law, Land Law, Energy Law, Mineral Resource Law, Mining and Petroleum Law, International Environmental Law, Environmental Regulation and Reform, Issues in Development, Asian Environmental Law in a Global Perspective, and Resource Management Law L3. International Law: Contemporary Issues and Solutions Including: Public International Law, Laws of Armed Conflict and International Humanitarian Law, Law of International Trade, Legal Issues in International Development, The Law of the Sea, International Treaties and Conventions, United Nations Charter, Globalisation and Governance, Terrorism and International Law, The Law of the World Trade Organisation, Indigenous Peoples and International Law, Private International Law, International Trade Law, and Refugee and Asylum Law L4. Corporate and Commercial Law Including: Regulatory Regimes and the Global Economy, Creditors' Remedies and Consumer Protection, Revenue Law, Commercial Transactions, Competition Law, Insurance Law, Corporate Governance in Context: Legal and Ethical Issues, Sports and Media Law, Corporate Governance and Directors Duties, Shareholders' Remedies, International Business Law, Issues in Commercial Law, Issues in Corporate Law, Corporate Entities, Revenue Law, Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law, The Law of Contracts L5. Banking, Securities and Finance Law Including: International Securities Regulation, Banking Law, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure, Corporate Securities and Finance Law L6. Law of Human Rights and Social Justice Including: Access to Justice, Restorative Justice, Race, Gender, Sexuality and the Law, Asian and Pacific Indigenous Peoples, Women and the Law, Relationship Property Issues in Family Law, Comparative Child and Family Law, International Legal Issues of Child Access and Custody, Legal Action and Research for Communities and Sustainability, Contemporary International Indigenous Issues, Reconciliation and Indigeneity, Indigenous Governance, Indigenous Land Law, Family Law, The Law of Restitution, Customary Law and Indigenous Peoples Rights, National and International Human Rights Law, Intersectionalities: Gender, Race, Sexuality and the Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, and Feminist Legal Theory L7. Public Law and Policy Including: Public Policy, Comparative Law in the Asia Pacific Region, Issues in Constitutional Law, Issues in Public Law, Judicial Review, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law L8. Dispute Resolution: Contemporary Approaches Including: Arbitration and Litigation, Mediation: Law, Principles and Practice, Managing Conflict and Consensus, Negotiation and Mediation, and Issues in Alternative Dispute Resolution L9. Law of Intellectual Property, Information and New Technologies Including: Cyberlaw, Law and New Technologies, Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology and the Law, and Legal Issues in the control and Access to Information L10. Laws of Health and Medicine Including: Health and Safety Law, Medical Law, Disability Law, Laws of Accident Compensation, and Mental Health Law L11. Labour and Employment Law Including: International Industrial Relations and Labour Law, Legal Issues in the Globalized Workplace, and Employment Law L12. Criminal Justice Policy and Law Including: Criminal Law, Advocacy, Transnational Criminal Law, Sentencing: Rehabilitation and Punishment, and the Law of Evidence. L13. Legal Theory, Methodology and Ideology Including: Legal Research, Theory and Methods in an Asian Context, Jurisprudence, Issues in Private Law, Applied Legal Theory, Issues of Legal Practice, and Legal Ethics

Interdisciplinary Streams (ID)

ID 1: Interdisciplinary Law, Economics and Politics ID 2: Interdisciplinary Law and Politics ID 3: Interdisciplinary Law and Economics ID 4: Interdisciplinary Politics and Economics

Deadline for submission of abstracts: July 1 2013

Results of abstract reviews returned to authors: Usually within two weeks of submission

Deadline for full conference registration payment for all presenters: November 1 2013

Full Conference Programme Published Online: November 6 2013

Deadline for full paper: December 1 2013

Conference Proceedings published: January 15 2013

ACPEL Conference: November 21-24 2013

Yozo Yokota ABMC/ACPEL Keynote Speaker Jerry Platt ABMC/ACPEL 2013 Conference Co-Chair and Featured Speaker Peter Gardiner ABMC/ACPEL 2013 Featured Speaker

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