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ACEdu 2012
Asian Conference on Education
Dates 2012/10/24 (iCal) - 2012/10/28
Location: Osaka, Japan
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Important dates
Submissions: 2012/09/01
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The Asian Conference on Education is an interdisciplinary international conference that invites academics and independent scholars and researchers from around the world to meet and exchange the latest ideas and views in a forum encouraging respectful dialogue. Since its inception in 2009, ACE has welcomed over one thousand academics and practitioners to its annual Osaka event. The 2012 conference will afford the opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, and networking across higher education. Academics working in Japan and Asia will be encouraged to forge working relationships with each other, as well as with colleagues from Europe and the US, facilitating partnerships across borders.

Conference Theme: Learning and Teaching Through Transformative Spaces

As previous Asian Conferences on Education have shown, education and lifelong learning can be seen as a solution to a host of local and global problems whilst globalized education systems are becoming increasing socially, ethnically and culturally diverse. Nevertheless, knowledge is often defined through discourses embedded in Western paradigms, whilst globalised education systems become increasingly determined by dominant knowledge economies.

The Fourth Asian Conference on Education extends these discussions to consider the pedagogic challenges of developing transformative spaces for learning and teaching. The conference organizers encourage submissions that consider learning and teaching through one of the following sub-themes, although submission of other topics for consideration is also welcome:

- Challenges and transformations in learning and teaching - Virtual spaces: digital technologies and communications - Connections and disconnections in learning and teaching - Learning and teaching in glocal spaces of transformation - Space, Architecture and Learning - Global education and education for sustainable development - 'Englishes' and cultural communications - (Inter)cultural communications & understanding: challenging and preserving cultural differences - Leadership in in learning and teaching - Bi-cultural, bilingual and bi-national education

      • Deadline for submission of abstracts extended!!!: September 1 2012

Results of abstract reviews returned to authors: Usually within two-three weeks of submission

Deadline for full conference registration payment for all presenters: October 1 2012 Conference Programme Published Online: October 15 2012

ACE Conference: October 24-28 2012

Deadline for submission of full papers: December 1 2012 Proceedings published online: December 15 2012

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