ACERP 2011

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ACERP 2011
Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy
Subevent of The Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences
Dates 2011/03/20 (iCal) - 2011/03/22
Location: Osaka, Japan
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Important dates
Abstracts: 2010/12/01
Papers: 2011/03/01
Submissions: 2010/12/01
Table of Contents

The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 2011 Organized by the International Academic Forum 20 to 22 March, 2011 Osaka, Japan

CONFERENCE THEME: "Truth, Reason, and Faith in Modern Civilization"

Where better than Japan to explore dynamic and exciting cultural collisions of East and West? As the first and only developed non-Western country, Japan is an amazing juxtaposition of cultures, of ancient and modern, and of religious and secular. As such it is the perfect backdrop to what promises to be an exciting interdisciplinary and intercultural discussion, based around questions of Ethics, Religion and Philosophy.

The aim of this International Conference is to encourage academics, scholars and practitioners representing a exciting diversity of countries, cultures, and religion to meet and exchange ideas and views in a forum encouraging respectful dialogue. By bringing together a number of university scholars working throughout Japan, Asia, and beyond to share ideas, ACERP 2011 will afford the opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, and networking across higher education and beyond.

As with IAFOR's other events, and in line with its "Education Without Borders" initiative, academics working in Japan and Asia will be encouraged to forge working relationships with each other, as well as with colleagues from Europe, the US, and beyond, facilitating partnerships across borders.

Please note that IAFOR's Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 2011 will be held alongside the Asian Conference on Psychology and Behavioral Science. Registrants for either ACERP 2011 or ACP 2011 will allow attendees the option of attending sessions in the other conference.

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