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International American Association for Corpus Linguistics Conference
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AACL 2008Mar 13Mar 15ProvoUSA


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Linguistic analyses of corpora as they relate to language use (e.g., register/genre variation, lexical and grammatical variation, language varieties, historical change, lexicography) Application (the use of corpora in language teaching and learning, as well as other applied fields such as testing and legal research) Tools and methods (corpus creation, corpus annotation, tagging and parsing, corpus analysis software)

The 15 th International American Association for Corpus Linguistics Conference (AACL2020) will take place September 18-19 2020 at Northern Arizona University. CANCELD Previous AACL conferences have been held at the University of Michigan (1999, 2005), Northern Arizona University (2000, 2006, 2014), University Massachusetts-Boston (2001), IUPUI (2002), Montclair State University (2004), Brigham Young University (2008), University of Alberta (2009), Georgia State University (2011, 2018), San Diego State University (2013), and Iowa State University (2016). There will also be a pre- conference workshop day on September 17.

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