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Summer School “Achievements and Applications of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics ”
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Dates 2011/08/08 (iCal) - 2011/08/20
Homepage: summerschool.ssa.org.ua
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
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Important dates
Submissions: 2011/08/01
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6th Summer School “Achievements and Applications of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics ” (AACIMP – 2011)

August 8―20, 2011, Kyiv (Ukraine)

Summer School “Achievements and applications of contemporary informatics, mathematics and physics” (AACIMP-2011) has been successfully carried out since 2006 by Student Science Association of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

Students, PhD students, young scientists and young specialists (under 35) can apply for participation in AACIMP-2011.

According to the curriculum AACIMP-2011 provides lectures, seminars, workshops, discussions in the four areas (streams): • Operational Research (Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Mathematical Finance, Logistics, Mathematical Modeling and others); • Computer Science (Cloud Computing, Informational Retrieval, Informational Security, Mobile Platforms and others); • Neuroscience (Biologically Plausible Modeling of Neurons and Neural Networks, Brain-computer Interface, Models of Synaptic Transmission, Models of Neuron Population and Visual Cortex and others); • Science of Global Challenges (Advanced Energy, Astrophysics, Virology, Genetics, Strategic Analysis and others).

Tutors of AACIMP-2011 are the scientists from well-known universities of Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, USA and the leading specialists of world's largest companies.

To participate you need to fill in an application form on the website of AACIMP 2011. The decision about the possibility of your participation will be made by Program committee within a month from a date of your registration.

Early term of registration – before June 1. Late term of registration - before August 1.

Participants of AACIMP-2011 may additionally order residence and meals for the time of Summer School on special terms suggested by the organizers.

You can find all the details of registration, information about courses, terms of participation and payment on a website of AACIMP-2011: http://summerschool.ssa.org.ua

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