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AcronymTitleCORE2017Avg. acc. rate
WSDMACM International Conference on Web Search and Data MiningA*17.4
KDDKnowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD)A*17.7
ICDEInternational Conference on Data EngineeringA*19.1
SIGIRSpecial Interest Group on Information Retrieval19.3
EDBTConference on Extending Database Technology19.4
MDMInternational Conference on Mobile Data Mangement21.8
CIKMConference on Information and Knowledge Management22.1
RecSysConference on Recommender SystemsB22.3
ADMAInternational Conference on Advanced Data Mining and ApplicationsB22.5
PODSSymposium on Principles of Database Systems23.7
ERInternational Conference on Conceptual Modeling24.5
ECML PKDDEuropean Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in DatabasesA25.1
ADBISSymposium on Advances in DB and Information SystemsB25.4
K-CAPInternational Conference on Knowledge CaptureA27.8
MMSysACM Multimedia Systems Conference30.2
ICDTInternational Conference on Database TheoryA31.5
MMNSIFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks and Services33.5
WINEConference on Web and Internet Economics33.8
ICMIInternational Conference on Multimodal InteractionB39.3
SPIREInternational Symposium on String Processing and Information RetrievalB42.4
IDAIntelligent Data AnalysisA44.4
DMSInternational Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems44.9
MMMInternational Conference on MultiMedia Modeling64.0