DCC 2020

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DCC 2020
Data Compression Conference
Event in series DCC
Dates 2020/03/24 (iCal) - 2020/03/27
Homepage: https://www.cs.brandeis.edu/~dcc/index.html
Submitting link: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/User/Login?ReturnUrl=%2FDCC2020
Location: Snowbird, Utah, United States
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Important dates
Papers: 2019/11/08
Submissions: 2019/11/08
Organizers: IEEE
PC members: Michael W. Marcellin, James A. Storer, Ali Bilgin, Joan Serra-Sagrista, Henrique Malvar
Keynote speaker: Alan Bovik
Table of Contents

DCC 2020 is a virtual conference