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ALT 2021
32nd International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory
Ordinal 32
Event in series ALT
Dates 2021/03/16 (iCal) - 2021/03/19
Location: Paris, Online
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The Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT) 2021 conference will be held in Paris, France on March 16–19, 2021. The conference is dedicated to all theoretical and algorithmic aspects of machine learning.


* Design and analysis of learning algorithms.
*     Statistical and computational learning theory.
*     Online learning algorithms and theory.
*     Optimization methods for learning.
*     Unsupervised, semi-supervised and active learning.
*     Interactive learning, planning and control, and reinforcement learning.
*     Privacy-preserving data analysis.
*     Learning with additional societal considerations: e.g., fairness, economics.
*     Robustness of learning algorithms to adversarial agents.
*     Artificial neural networks, including deep learning.
*     High-dimensional and non-parametric statistics.
*     Adaptive data analysis and selective inference.
*     Learning with algebraic or combinatorial structure.
*     Bayesian methods in learning.
*     Learning in distributed and streaming settings.
*     Game theory and learning.
*     Learning from complex data: e.g., networks, time series.
*     Theoretical analysis of probabilistic graphical models.