Petri Nets 2020

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Petri Nets 2020
41th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency
Event in series Petri Nets
Dates 2020/06/24 (iCal) - 2020/06/25
Location: , Video conference
Important dates
Abstracts: 2020/01/22
Papers: 2020/01/28
Notification: 2020/03/06
Camera ready due: 2020/03/20
General chairs: Étienne André, Laure Petrucci
Table of Contents

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Our highest priority is the safety of all participants. Due to the covid19 outbreak, Petri Nets 2020 will happen as a virtual conference, with prerecorded videos of the talks, and live sessions for discussion via BigBlueButton (no software needed, just a browser). Registration is free (except for one author per paper for which we ask a small fee) but compulsory.

You can already book your Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of June.

General topics related to concurrency 
  • Model checking and verification of distributed systems
  • Verification of infinite-state or parametric systems
  • Causality/partial order theory of concurrency
  • Educational issues related to concurrency
  • New developments in the theory of concurrency
  • Modelling of hardware and biological systems

 Topics specific to Petri Nets
  • Analysis and synthesis, structure and behaviour of nets
  • System design and model-driven development using nets
  • Relationships between Petri nets and other approaches
  • Net-based semantical, logical and algebraic calculi
  • Higher-level net models (coloured nets, timed nets, etc.)
  • Stochastic net models
  • Verification and model checking using nets
  • Process discovery and conformance checking
  • Computer tools for nets
  • Standardisation of nets
  • Experience reports describing applications of nets to different kinds of systems and application fields, e.g.:
  • flexible manufacturing systems
  • office automation
  • real-time systems
  • workflows
  • embedded systems
  • process mining
  • biological systems
  • supervisory control
  • health and medical systems
  • protocols and networks
  • environmental systems
  • Internet and web services
  • hardware
  • e-commerce and trading
  • telecommunications
  • programming languages
  • railway networks
  • performance evaluation
  • component based development
  • operations research

originally planned in Paris, France

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