Special issue JCSE 2008

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Special issue JCSE 2008
Special Issue on Real-Time Distributed Computing and Ubiquitous Computing in Memory of Professor Moon Hae Kim
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Homepage: jcse.kiise.org
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Important dates
Submissions: Aug 1, 2008
Notification: Sep 1, 2008
Table of Contents


Distributed real-time systems represent an important area with a broad range of applications.  Examples include process control, factory automation, avionics, automotive, and ubiquitous computing. Such systems are highly distributed and also need to meet timing constraints to work reliably and safely.

The special issue seeks papers describing significant research contributions on software engineering and systems issues in distributed real-time systems as well as applications such as ubiquitous computing.


The special issue is to be dedicated in memory of Professor Moon-Hae Kim. Professor Kim is widely known for many fundamental research contributions in distributed real-time systems and ubiquitous computing as well as his un-selfish dedication in promoting R&D communities of real-time and embedded systems.  His legacy also includes the mentoring and education of numerous students, researchers and developers in software engineering, distributed real-time systems, ubiquitous computing, and embedded systems.

Professor Kim received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley.  He had been a professor at Konkuk University, Korea, for 16 years when he passed away unexpectedly on September 30, 2006.


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TitleSpecial Issue on Real-Time Distributed Computing and Ubiquitous Computing in Memory of Professor Moon Hae Kim +