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ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data Conference
Average acceptance rate: 17.3
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SIGMOD has an average acceptance rate of 17.3%.


The following events of the series SIGMOD are currently known in this wiki:

 FromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
SIGMOD 201810 June 201815 June 2018HoustonUSASome personSome person
SIGMOD 20172017RaleighUSA
SIGMOD 20162016San FranciscoUSA
SIGMOD 20152015MelbourneAustralia
SIGMOD 20142014SnowbirdUSA
SIGMOD 20132013New YorkUSA
SIGMOD 20122012ScottsdaleUSA16.6
SIGMOD 20112011AthensGreece23.2
SIGMOD 2010201020.8
SIGMOD 200929 June 20092 July 2009ProvidenceUSA
SIGMOD 200810 June 200812 June 2008VancouverCanadaLaks V.S. Lakshmanan
Raymond T. Ng
Dennis Shasha
SIGMOD 200711 June 200714 June 2007BeijingChina14.6
SIGMOD 20039 June 200312 June 2003San DiegoUSA15.5
SIGMOD 20023 June 20026 June 2002MadisonUSA17.5
SIGMOD 2001200115.0
SIGMOD 200015 May 200018 May 200016.9
SIGMOD 19991 June 19993 June 199920.5
SIGMOD 19982 June 19984 June 199817.1
SIGMOD 199713 May 199715 May 199720.8
SIGMOD 19964 June 19966 June 199616.2
SIGMOD 199522 May 199525 May 199517.3
SIGMOD 199424 May 199427 May 199414.3
SIGMOD 199326 May 199328 May 199316.6
SIGMOD 19921992San DiegoUSA
SIGMOD 19911991DenverUSA
SIGMOD 19901990Atlantic CityUSA
SIGMOD 19891989PortlandUSA
SIGMOD 19881988ChicagoUSA
SIGMOD 19871987San FranciscoUSA
SIGMOD 19861986WashingtonUSA
SIGMOD 19851985AustinUSA
SIGMOD 19841984BostonUSA
SIGMOD 19831983San JoseUSA
SIGMOD 19821982OrlandoUSA
SIGMOD 19811981Ann ArborUSA
SIGMOD 19801980Santa MonicaUSA
SIGMOD 19791979BostonUSA
SIGMOD 19781978AustinUSA
SIGMOD 19771977TorontoCanada
SIGMOD 19761976WashingtonUSA
SIGMOD 19751975San JoseUSA
SIGMOD 19741974Ann ArborUSA




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