SCA 2018

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SCA 2018
17th annual Symposium on Computer Animation
Event in series SCA
Dates 2018/07/11 (iCal) - 2018/07/13
Twitter account: @SCA_2018_Paris
Location: Paris, France
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PC chairs: Nils Thuerey, Thabo Beeler
PC members: Adam Bargteil, Alec Jacobson, Andrew Nealen, Binh Le, Bo Zhu, Brian Wyvill
Keynote speaker: JP Lewis, Mark Meyer
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We invite work on a broad range of topics, including:

  • 2D, 3D, and N-D animation systems
  • autonomous characters
  • clothing animation and simulation
  • expressive motion / communication
  • facial animation
  • group and crowd behavior
  • intuitive interfaces for creating and editing animations
  • mathematical foundations of animation
  • methods of control and artistic direction of simulations
  • machine learning techniques for animation
  • nature in motion (natural phenomena, plants, clouds, …)
  • new time-based art forms on the computer
  • novel time-varying phenomena
  • perceptual metrics and foundations of animation
  • physical realism / measuring the real world for animation
  • physical simulation
  • fluid animation
  • planning / learning / optimization for animation
  • real-time and interactive methods
  • camera control methods for computer animation
  • sound and speech for animation

as well as on related problems in robotics, game development, human-computer interaction, simulation, visualization, computer vision, and others.