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MoCoHe 2008
The First International Workshop on Mobile Collaborations for Hospital-based Health Care
Dates Nov 24, 2008 (iCal) - Nov 26, 2008
Location: Linz, Austria
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Important dates
Submissions: Jul 1, 2008
Notification: Sep 30, 2008
Table of Contents

                              CALL FOR PAPERS

The First International Workshop on Mobile Collaborations for Hospital-
			      based Health Care 

				MoCoHe(tm) 2008 
                       Linz, Austria, November 24-26, 2008

		Full papers submission		1 July 2008
		Acceptance Notification		30 September 2008
		Camera-Ready Papers		15 October 2008

Clinical workers in a hospital ward are, by the very nature of their work, mobile.  The information that nurses, doctors and other health 
professionals need in their daily working life however is not always readily mobile. Detailed patient records, for instance, are usually 
accessed via a workstation connected to a database.

The past few years have seen the emergence of research that incorporates medicine, IT and communications studies, investigating the possible ways 
in which ubiquitous computing can address this problem. However, there remains the open question of how and when to use ubiquitous computing for 
ward data management. The use of a mobile wireless infrastructure can lead to security and reliability problems. Mobile devices often have usability 
problems that can only be solved by technological innovation. Current best practice workflow can be disrupted by the introduction of automated 
electronic solutions. There are interoperability issues for nomadic clinicians who need context aware, always available connections.

There are several international events that concern healthcare management, ubiquitous and mobile work and dependability of systems. However, while 
these events occasionally involve some overlap of areas, there does not currently exist a forum for discussing the essential convergence of the 
areas, nor in bringing together practitioner and academic perspectives. An important objective of the MoCoHe(tm) workshop is to bring together academics 
working in information systems and organisational systems; academics working in communication theory and device dependability; and 
healthcare workers interested in developing better ward management systems. The time is ripe to bring together this combination of expertise, 
because the research community is evolving and hospital-based healthcare is moving towards adopting mobile technologies. 

Contributions are solicited in all areas of pervasive computing research and applications. 
Topics include, but not limited to:

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. Enhancing and improving, rather than disrupting and dictating, current healthcare workflow. 

This topic concerns usability and workplace communication issues 
that arise from the deployment of mobile solutions. It involves examination of how technologies can enhance or disrupt information management at the organisational and architectural level.

2. Dependability and trustworthiness of ubiquitous and mobile devices. 

This theme involves the application of computer science theories of dependability to provide guarantees for required quality of service 

3.Data integration across different health service settings. 

Electronic health records form an integral part of the modern hospital. Other emerging areas of electronic health management 
include wider integrated networks of records and online health. An important technical and social problem is how data should be 
integrated between these arenas.

4.Technological innovation and interoperation. 

Many devices, from handheld computers to ward monitoring equipment, can now be integrated into a single interoperable framework due to 
innovations in wireless and Bluetooth. This theme will examine how these innovations can be integrated to increase access to health 
services, improve cost effectiveness, enhance educational opportunities, improve health outcomes, provide better quality of 
care and enhance social support.

Paper Submission Guidelines:

We encourage submission of high quality papers to the MoCoHe(tm) 2008 Workshop. Authors of accepted papers must guarantee that their works will 
be presented at the MoCoHe(tm) 2008 Workshop by one of the co-authors. Only full papers in English will be accepted. The length of the paper should 
not exceed 10 pages (5000 words). Instructions for preparing the manuscript (in Word and Latex format) are available at the  
Postscript/RTF versions of the manuscript should be submitted through the

All papers will be peer reviewed and accepted papers will be published in 
OCG publication series ( 
Full papers submission			1 July 2008
Acceptance Notification			30 September 2008
Camera-Ready Papers and Registration	15 October 2008


Dr Maria Indrawan, Dr Sea Ling, Dr Linda Dawson 
Caulfield School of Information Technology  
Monash University  
Caulfield East, Victoria, 3145, Australia 
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