ManyMORE 2008

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ManyMORE 2008
Emerging MANY-core architectures in data Mining and infOrmation REtrieval.
Dates Jun 6, 2008 (iCal) - Jun 6, 2008
Location: Vico Equense, Italy
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Important dates
Submissions: Apr 11, 2008
Notification: Apr 17, 2008
Table of Contents

=== ManyMORE 2008
=== Emerging MANY-core architectures in data Mining and infOrmation
=== Colocated with InfoScale 2008 [] - June 6,
2008 Vico Equense, Italy

At this workshop, we strive to explore the ever-obfuscating landscape
of commodity processor hardware. As processor manufacturers race
toward commodity systems employing hundreds of cores, researchers are
working out methods and techniques to leverage them. Both AMD and
Intel have relatively straight-forward quad core processors which can
execute SMP algorithms previously written for SMP systems. On the
other end of the spectrum, new GPUs have designs which offer vastly
increased floating point throughput at the expense of a complex and
somewhat restrictive data path. In the middle lies the Cell BDEA, a
nine core streaming processor.

Not only do these new architectures advance the parallel programming
paradigm, but they also make it mandatory to consider novel approaches
in the design of such parallel algorithms. Several natural questions
arise. Are extant parallel shared memory algorithms in the IR field
positioned to leverage such technologies? Can a streaming,
general-purpose processor offer improvements that are not achievable
with standard CMPs? What is the impact of software cache management in
presence of complex cache hierarchies? Do information retrieval
algorithms saturate available off-chip bandwidth? Is there a
general-purpose framework which can offer benefits for software memory
caches, such as that present in the Cell processor, to reduce average
latencies when compared to hardware managed cache?

The goal of this half-day workshop is to offer a venue for researchers
to explore the challenge of developing data mining and information
retrieval algorithms for emerging commodity parallel hardware. The
workshop is open to algorithms, systems, parallel programming tools,
software cache managements, and parallel frameworks which attempt to
leverage these technologies to execute algorithms for classification,
clustering, graph analyses, and other data mining and informataion
retrieval tasks.

Topics of Interest

Authors are invited to submit papers concerning the following topics:

* Data mining / information retrieval algorithms for emerging
* Relevent DM/IR performance studies regarding emerging
processors, such as:
o Scalability
o Bandwidth issues
o FP throughput
o Comparisons with existing SMPs
o Explicit vs Hardware managed caching
o Tradeoffs between SMT contexts and CMP cores
* Middlewares for parallel programming on emerging processors
* Middlewares for automating software cache management
* Compiler improvements for emerging parallel processors
* Data visualization using emerging parallel processors
* New metrics for cross-platform evaluations

== Chairs
Greg Buehrer, buehrer *at*, Microsoft Live Labs
Claudio Lucchese, claudio.lucchese *at*, ISTI - CNR Pisa,

== Program Committee
The technical program committee is listed below.

* Gagan Agrawal Ohio State, USA
* Roi Blanco University A Coruna
* Kumar Chellapilla Microsoft Live Labs, USA
* Yen-Kuang Chen Inetl Research, USA
* Massimo Coppola ISTI-CNR Pisa, Italy
* Amol Ghoting IBM Research, USA
* Keith Marsolo Cincinnati Children's Hospital - Biomedical
Informatics Research, USA
* Anthony Nguyen Intel Research, USA
* Raffaele Perego ISTI-CNR Pisa, Italy
* Sidd Puri Microsoft Live Labs, USA
* Fabrizio Silvestri ISTI-CNR Pisa, Italy

Others will be announced shortly.

== Submission Guidelines

We ask that the authors send original, unpublished content. Works in
progress are not discouraged. We are using the same format as
InfoScale, with a limit of 6 pages. Please refer to their guidelines
for further details (
Paper have to be sent by email to both the workshop chairs. Papers
will be published with the InfoScale 2008 Conference proceedings, and
they will be indexed by the ACM digital library and DBLP.

== Important Dates

* 11 April 2008 : Intent to Submit (optional, by email to Chairs)
* 17 April 2008 : Paper Submission Deadline
* 1 May 2008 : Notification of Acceptance
* 5 May 2008 : Camera-Ready copies of accepted papers

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