IWJT 2009

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IWJT 2009
International Workshop on Junction Technology
Dates Jun 11, 2009 (iCal) - Jun 12, 2009
Homepage: www.iwailab.ep.titech.ac.jp/IWJT/
Location: Kyoto, Japan
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Important dates
Submissions: Mar 2, 2009
Table of Contents

The 9th International Workshop on Junction Technology (IWJT2009) will be held on June 11 - 12, 2009 in Kyoto, Japan. The IWJT, started in 2000 and was held annually in Japan or China, is an open forum focused on the needs and interests of the community on a junction formation technology in semiconductors. At the past IWJTs, a number of eminent and experienced scientists and engineers from Asia, America and Europe presented their latest results on junction technology. The workshop will provide a good opportunity for researchers and engineers to present their new research results, and exchange ideas with leading scientists.

Workshop Scope
(Papers are solicited in, but not limited to the following)

    * Doping Technology --- Ion implantation, plasma doping, gas and solid doping
    * Annealing Technology --- Rapid thermal process, laser annealing, flash annealing, SPE, lattice damage and defects
    * Junction Technology for Novel CMOS Devices --- Junction for SOI, strained Si, SiGe, Ge, and Schottky barrier S/D MOSFET and small variability
    * Silicide and Contact Technology for CMOS --- Silicide materials and salicide technology, elevated S/D, low barrier contact, surface pre-treatment
    * Characterization for Shallow Junction --- Physical and electrical characterization of ultra-shallow junction
    * Modeling and Simulation --- Modeling and simulation of ultra-shallow junction formation of CMOS
    * Equipment, Materials and Substrates for Junction Technologies

Dead lines of submission

    * Regular papers: March 2nd, 2009
    * Late news: April 20th, 2009

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