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International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming
Categories: Logic
CORE Rank (2017): B
Avg. acceptance rate: 58.3
Avg. acceptance rate (last 5 years): 58.3
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International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) has an average acceptance rate of 58.3% (last 5 years 58.3%).


The following events of the series ILP are currently known in this wiki:

 OrdinalFromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
ILP 2020Sep 9Sep 11AthensGreeceNikos Katzouris
Alexander Artikis
ILP 2019Sep 3Sep 5PlovdivBulgariaDimitar Kazakov
ILP 2018Sep 2Sep 4FerraraItalyElena Bellodi
Riccardo Zese
ILP 2017Sep 4Sep 6OrleansFranceNicolas Lachiche
Christel Vrain
ILP 2009Jul 2Jul 4LeuvenBelgium

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Facts about "ILP"
EventSeries acronymILP +
FieldCategory:Logic +
Has Average 5y Acceptance Rate58.3 +
Has Average Acceptance Rate58.3 +
Has CORE RankB +
IsAEventSeries +
TitleInternational Conference on Inductive Logic Programming +