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Facts about "ICMME2023"
Abstract deadlineFebruary 28, 0023 JL +
AcronymICMME2023 +
Attendance fee currency$ +
Early bird regular530.00 +
End dateApril 29, 0023 JL +
Event typeConference +
Has Keynote speakerSimon X. Yang +, Henry Leung +, Anand Nayyar +, Danilo Avola + and Michele Fiorini +
Has coordinates51° 11' 8", 6° 48' 15"Latitude: 51.185591666667
Longitude: 6.8040416666667
Has general chairSteven Y. Liang +
Has location cityXi' an +
Has location countryCategory:China +
Homepage +
IsAEvent +
LogoWelcome to the 2nd International Conferenc
Welcome to the 2nd International Conference on Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering (ICMME2023). ICMME2023 aims to provide a stimulating forum for researchers, scientists, and engineers to present their latest research findings, developments and applications in all aspects of mechatronics and mechanical engineering. It is organized by International Association of Applied Science and Technology (IAAST) and will be held during April 28-29, 2023. We welcome author submission of papers concerning any branch of mechatronics, mechanical engineering and other related subjects. Looking forward to meeting you in Xi' an, China.
g forward to meeting you in Xi' an, China. +
On site regular570.00 +
Paper deadlineFebruary 28, 0023 JL +
Poster deadlineFebruary 28, 0023 JL +
Registration linkhttp://4-6 +
Start dateApril 28, 0023 JL +
Submission deadlineFebruary 28, 0023 JL +
Title2nd International Conference on Mechatronics and Mechanical Engneering +