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Advances in Cryptology
Categories: Cryptography
CORE Rank (2017): A*
Avg. acceptance rate: 21.6
Avg. acceptance rate (last 5 years): 22.6
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Advances in Cryptology (CRYPTO) has an average acceptance rate of 21.6% (last 5 years 22.6%).


The following events of the series CRYPTO are currently known in this wiki:

 OrdinalFromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
CRYPTO 2020Aug 16Aug 20Santa BarbaraUSA
CRYPTO 2019Aug 18Aug 22Santa BarbaraUSAMuthu VenkitasubramaniamAlexandra Boldyreva
Daniele Micciancio
CRYPTO 2018Aug 19Aug 23Santa BarbaraUSATal RabinHovav Shacham
Alexandra Boldyreva
CRYPTO 2017Aug 20Aug 24Santa BarbaraUSAJonathan Katz
Hovav Shacham
CRYPTO 2016Aug 14Aug 18Santa BarbaraUSA25.5
CRYPTO 2015Aug 16Aug 20Santa BarbaraUSA27.8
CRYPTO 2014Aug 17Aug 21Santa BarbaraUSA26.4
CRYPTO 2013Aug 18Aug 22Santa BarbaraUSA26.9
CRYPTO 2012Aug 19Aug 23Santa BarbaraUSA21.3
CRYPTO 2011Aug 14Aug 18Santa BarbaraUSA18.3
CRYPTO 2010Aug 15Aug 19Santa BarbaraUSA19.2
CRYPTO 2009Aug 16Aug 20Santa BarbaraUSA17.8
CRYPTO 2008Aug 17Aug 21Santa BarbaraUSA17.4
CRYPTO 2007Aug 19Aug 23Santa BarbaraUSA12.3
CRYPTO 2006Aug 20Aug 24Santa BarbaraUSA15.5
CRYPTO 2005Aug 14Aug 18Santa BarbaraUSA18.3
CRYPTO 2004Aug 15Aug 19Santa BarbaraUSA15.6
CRYPTO 2003Aug 17Aug 21Santa BarbaraUSA20.1
CRYPTO 2002Aug 18Aug 22Santa BarbaraUSA22.3
CRYPTO 2001Aug 19Aug 23Santa BarbaraUSA21.8
CRYPTO 2000Aug 20Aug 24Santa BarbaraUSA32.4
CRYPTO 1999Aug 15Aug 19Santa BarbaraUSA19.3
CRYPTO 1998Aug 23Aug 27Santa BarbaraUSA22.9
CRYPTO 1997Aug 17Aug 21Santa BarbaraUSA21.9
CRYPTO 1996Mar 11Jul 11Santa BarbaraUSA25.0
CRYPTO 1995Aug 27Aug 31Santa BarbaraUSA23.8

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