CALL FOR PAPER Journal: International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP)

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CALL FOR PAPER Journal: International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP)
CALL FOR PAPER Journal: International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP)
Dates 2010/11/01 (iCal) - 2010/11/30
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Important dates
Submissions: 2010/11/30
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Journal: International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP) Volume: 4 Issue: 6 ISSN: 1985-2304 URL:

Important Dates Paper Submission: November 30, 2010 Author Notification: January 01, 2011 Issue Publication: January / February

About IJIP

The International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP) aims to be an effective forum for interchange of high quality theoretical and applied research in the Image Processing domain from basic research to application development. It emphasizes on efficient and effective image technologies, and provides a central forum for a deeper understanding in the discipline by encouraging the quantitative comparison and performance evaluation of the emerging components of image processing.

We welcome scientists, researchers, engineers and vendors from different disciplines to exchange ideas, identify problems, investigate relevant issues, share common interests, explore new approaches, and initiate possible collaborative research and system development.

To build its International reputation, we are disseminating the publication information through Google Books, Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Open J Gate, ScientificCommons, Docstoc and many more. Our International Editors are working on establishing ISI listing and a good impact factor for IJIP.

IJIP List of Topics

The realm of International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP) extends, but not limited, to the following:

• Architecture of imaging and vision systems • Autonomous vehicles • Character and handwritten text recognition • Chemical and spectral sensitization • Chemistry of photosensitive materials • Coating technologies • Coding and transmission • Cognitive aspects of image understanding • Color imaging • Communication of visual data • Data fusion from multiple sensor inputs • Display and printing • Document image understanding • Generation and display • Holography • Image analysis and interpretation • Image capturing, databases • Image generation, manipulation, permanence • Image processing applications • Image processing: coding analysis and recognition • Image representation, sensing • Imaging systems and image scanning • Implementation and architectures • Latent image • Materials for electro-photography • Network architecture for real-time video transport • New visual services over ATM/packet network • Non-impact printing technologies • Object modeling and knowledge acquisition • Photoconductors • Photographic emulsions • Photopolymers • Prepress and printing technologies • Protocols for packet video • Remote image sensing • Retrieval and multimedia • Scene modeling • Signal-processing aspects of image processing • Storage and transmission • Video coding algorithms and technologies for ATM/p

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