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BTW 2008
IEEE 7th International Board Test Workshop
Dates Sep 16, 2008 (iCal) - Sep 18, 2008
Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: Jul 25, 2008
Table of Contents

Following the very successful 6th Board Test Workshop (BTW) held in Fort Collins, the BTW Organizing Committee is organizing the seventh BTW event, which will be hosted in Fort Collins, Colorado. BTW08 will focus on current issues and trends related to board test. Similar to prior Board Test workshops, perspectives are invited from contract manufacturers, test equipment providers, researchers, end users and systems providers.
BTW08 is sponsored by the IEEE Philadelphia Section, in cooperation with the IEEE Computer Society and the Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC) and is supported by the Board Test Technical Activities Committee (BTTAC)


    * Traditional Board Test Techniques
          o Boundary Scan-based test techniques
          o Assessing BSDL compliance and accuracy
          o Board test: structural versus functional test
          o Board Flex issues
          o Parametric testing
          o OnBoard Built-In Self Test techniques
          o Electrical, Optical and X-Ray board test mix
          o Board test for high-volume consumer products
          o Advances in flying probe technoilogy
          o Creating board functional tests
          o Advances in ICT fixturing/bead probes
          o Interfacing test flows with manufacturing flows
          o Linking ICT with low-cost PC testers
          o Fault-coverage metrics
          o Reducing false fails
          o Applications of VXI/PXI plug and play technology
    * In-System Configuration
          o OnBoard programmability of CPLDs/FPGAs
          o How to program PLDs to execute test functions
    * New Standards and New Problems
          o Practical use of P1581 SCITT
          o Advances in 1149.6 AC-EXTEST
          o Advances in 1149.4 Mixed-Signal test Bus
          o P1687 (IJTAG)
          o SJTAG
          o Test techniques for SERDES boards
    * Outsourcing to EMS companies
          o Outsourcing to EMSs - issues and solutions
          o Re-using prototype tests in volume manufacturing
          o At-speed board and system structural test
    * System-Level and Field-Service Test
          o Using 1149.1 as a backplane test-bus
          o 1149.1 backplane test-bus support devices
          o Systems design integration and test issues
          o Field servicing: test needs and solutions
    * Board and System Test Economics
          o Board test economics
          o Emulation in a field-service environment
    * Board test: educational requirements 

Following the event, BTW08 will post presentations and papers from the accepted contributions whose authors wish to provide the corresponding materials on the BTW web site. 

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